Champlain Valley REIA (Vermont)??

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I've heard mixed reviews regarding this group. There is a meeting this Thursday (3/26), is it worth attending? Does anyone out there in BP-land plan on going? My local group is now defunct because 70% of them run off to Florida 5 months out of the year. I'd like to find a new group that means atleast somewhat regularly.

The best way to make REI groups better is to attend and add something to the meeting. There are a few people around Burlington that will probably attend.

Hang some carrots out there for other people to attend:

"I'll be looking for 2 equity partners on a 40% ROI flip near Burke Mtn"

"I have 4 beat up condos in Vergennes that I'm looking to wholesale"

"There will be food!!"

Take the temperature of the meeting.  If they seem lifeless and boring, put some life into them.  With a dull feeling to the group, taking over the reins shouldn't be too hard :)  Give folks a reason to go, and they'll start showing up.  Plus everyone will be happier now that the weather is breaking.

Hi Samantha,

I am a VT investor and I have never been to one of those meetings either. I would like to go and I think Thursday will be my first one. I would also like to know if there are going to be other people there. Are you definitely attending?


Yes, I will be there. I welcome any excuse to blow off the mandatory parents meeting for my kids sports team! ;-) I look forward to meeting you Thursday! 

@Samantha Hiscock

Hey Sam - It was great meeting you last night at the CVREIA meeting. I must admit that your earlier comment on the post is the common perception of the group. The REIA has been "incorporated" for 6 or 7 years and despite the efforts Tony has made, it's struggling. I agree with Aaron, that the group struggles because few people have taken the initiative to improve it. I was speaking with Tony the other day, and we have some ideas that should help stabilize, and eventually provide ongoing value to, its membership. It was nice having you there because unlike several other members, you have experience and can provide valuable insight and lessons to the others who may be just beginning. I hope that you can continue to come, as I plan on working hard to build this into a quality group.

@Graham Mink

Graham - I just finished listening to your episode of the podcast and it was freakin' awesome. We'd love to have you come up and check out the CVREIA. The more, the merrier. 

Jay, it was good to meet you too! I will do my best to continue.  The May meeting may be difficult with a tiny new baby, and in June my husband will be gone.  Hopefully others are able to continue to attend as well. 

Hello All, 

I'm actually moving up to Vermont from Boston in about a week, so I'd definitely also be interested in attending the meetings and connecting with other people in the real estate world. I'll be keeping an eye out for the meetings, but any heads up would be marvelous, or if people want to meet outside of the regularly scheduled meetings that would be awesome as well! I'll be in living in Williston and working in South Burlington.   



Welcome to Vermont. I've just joined BP and am also looking to connect with other folks interested in real estate investing in Vermont. I'm located in Waterbury. There is a new group that is meeting in Waterbury. 

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