Vermont/ Chittenden Evicition

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@Account Closed

I don't know anyone in the Burlington area, but I can give the following piece of advice:

1. Start now.  The eviction process is a long one. Get a lawyer.  VT has finicky requirements for everything.

2. Take pictures of everything you do.  Certified mail doesn't cut it for 14 day notices and such.

3. Make sure your Certificates of occupancy are up to date.  This can delay the process by a month while you wait on the city.

Would you like me to ask my lawyer if he has a recommendation for the Burlington area?

Aaron is Right,

You will want to get on this quick. And make sure to have an attorney deal with it due to Vermont's tenant favorable laws.

I would recommend Matt of Daly & Daly, 

I have worked with him and his wife for years, amongst other firms, and have always been pleased.

the good news is you can have your tenant out quick or receive the rent through a court order. Try Vermont property owners association. It's a $75 membership but they specialize in election S