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Hi everyone, I've been doing research for the last year or so here, books, blogs etc etc. I feel as though I'm finally ready to take a stab at it but would like to meet up with someone local to answer some market specific questions. Living in Saint Johnsbury now but working in Burlington area. If anyone is interested, I'll buy lunch!!!

@Brandyn Gadapee Welcome to Bigger Pockets! So great how you have been educating yourself during the past year, sets up a great foundation!  I personally love all the podcasts too. Great that you are networking and trying to meet people. I'm sure there are group meetups in your area too. What are your specific real estate goals?

Hi Julie, unfortunately there are very few (0 that I've found online) REI meet ups not only in my area, but in my entire state! My objective in meeting with established investors in my area is for them to help familiarize myself with the process, run a couple sample properties by them, network for agents, lenders and possible deals. I tend to trust the people I meet with face-to-face more than the investors online because, let's be honest, people can say whatever they want online and unfortunately a lot of people take their word for it when in reality they might not even own a piece of property themselves.

My goals I believe are modest but achievable. I'm more interested in buying and holding small multifamilies to supplement my current income stream (I work in road construction). My goal is to have 3 different properties in the next 5 years. 

@Brandyn Gadapee That's a great goal, I like that modest approach - that's what I have started too with our two rental houses. I also work in construction, but new schools and the occasional new concrete sidewalk ramp. You also might appear more trustworthy if you had a profile picture. :) (that face thing)

Best to you!

@Brandyn Gadapee Hi Brandyn, I am a new investor in the Barre area. I agree with you that it is hard to find other folks in our rural state to network with. I purchased my first home, a duplex, about 8 months ago. Its not exactly been smooth sailing (especially not with a full time job) but Id be happy to meet up and tell you anything youd care to know from my limited experience. 

Originally posted by @Rachel Floyd :

@Brandyn Gadapee Hi Brandyn, I am a new investor in the Barre area. I agree with you 

Hey, Vermonters!!! There are a few of us around!

Rachel, I'm pretty sure you are my neighbor! Well, not really. After some creeping I think you bought the duplex across from my property. I've got that vacant lot on M St, which is attached to a single family I have on C St. 

Once in a while we have a group of us the that gets together in Waterbury, because half of us are from the hatched Barre area and half are from Chittenden county. Maybe I can harass a few folks and we can have a meeting in our area soon. 

I'd love to meet up with either of you if you ever have any questions or want some advice. Been at this landlord thing for about 8 years, renovated properties, and have my license. 

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