Vacation rental properties in VT

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Greetings from Philly! My husband and I are looking to buy a vacation rental property near a ski resort in VT and banking on STRs in summers, falls, and winters (as well as taking the occasional family trip there ourselves). I've read that the Okemo/Ludlow area may be best for producing cash flow through STR. I would love to hear your other ideas if you have any. I prefer SFHs but would consider a condo if the HOA is managed well. Thank you!

@Siobhan Cooney I am not familiar with Vermont specifically but manage a bunch of STRs in a ski community. I would just encourage you to price out snow removal for a single family home vs HOA dues for a condo. We own both here and it is soooooo much cheaper in my area to pay HOA dues than it it is try to find decent snow removal for a single family home. Good luck!


Okemo is a great four season resort area.  I grew up there and still live nearby.  The skiing is great during the winter.  Golf and beautiful lakes and hiking during the summer.  A nice village with lots of restaurants. I think it would be a great place to invest in short term rentals.   Vail Resorts recently bought the ski resort which seems to be bringing a lot of new people to the area.


@Michael Foster -- thank you, good to know. Are you invested in VT, or are you working all out of state rentals? I need a good buyer's agent who can help me look. The one I've spoken to so far wasn't completely on the ball in terms of understanding investments. 

Hi Siobhan,  I have two, three-unit properties in Bellows Falls, Vt about 40 minutes from Okemo/Ludlow.

I have not used her real estate services, but I know her and she is a long-time realtor in the Ludlow area and does alot of resort properties.  If I were shopping for a property in that area I would probably try Teresa Dinapoli.

Good Luck