Northern VA Meetup interest?

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Hello, BP family!

I'm interested in starting a meetup in eastern Prince William County. Events in DC are a pain to get to. I'm thinking of using the Montclair Community Library (5049 Waterway Dr, Montclair, VA 22025) and picking either a Monday or Thursday after work from 7 - 8:30 once a month.

Would you be interested in attending this meetup? Please respond here and if there's interest (literally just about any interest at all) I will reserve a room and create an event!

If you have thoughts about shifting the time, I could go as early as 6 - 7:30 instead.

I'm a newbie and would love to see this group be a welcoming mix of folks from the new to the experienced. I myself am looking for a mentor for accountability with good rapport and a similar philosophy to mine. Let's make this a rewarding experience for anyone and everyone who turns up. Maybe we won't know everything, but we'll be able to put you in touch with someone who can help you with what you're trying to learn about.

@Josi Colley Yikes, I don't think I can do that! Looks like it's an hour and a half from where I live (further south and east than the library location I picked and another half hour from where I work)... I'm already out of my home 5 nights per week and I just don't think I can add a 3 hour round trip drive. Maybe you can spearhead starting a meeting in your area? :)

@Barb F. , I'm in! That's only 8 miles from me. I have been attending meetup after meetup and networking. New to this and looking to JV with some folks in this neck of the woods!

I went to a meetup last night in Annandale which I thought was a NOVAREIA, and it turned out to be a marketing pitch from Renatus!

2 hours of my life that I can't get back, but they didn't get me for $20K either!

Hey there is already a great one that exist and had their first meeting last month. Let's combine. The next meeting is April 10th at 7PM. We meet at the Bungalow Alehouse. There is a semi private space that is reserved for the meeting. Address is 2840 Prince William Pkwy, Woodbridge, VA 221912. Come at 6:30 for early networking. If you ask for me I will be happy to personally make you feel welcomed. I am not the host. Just sharing...

Aninze let talk about how we may JV together. Saw your note above.

@Marcus House Thanks for letting me know! Unfortunately Wednesdays just will not ever be able to work for me. Is there flexibility to when your group meets? I'm also interested in holding meetings in a free location, hence the library, rather than at a restaurant where folks will be obliged to spend money. I think having things in such a way that there are multiple groups in the area just gives folks more options for networking because you never know someone's availability. I'd love to do some cross-advertisement though so that people know there's more stuff around. Does the group you mention post their events here on BP or somewhere else?

@Aninze A. Oh no! Sorry about your two hours... we know how valuable time is. Where are some of the other meetups you've found? And of course we'd be delighted to have you!

@Alex Diaz That's great! 

@Leo Gonzalez I'm going to check the library meeting room availability shortly. Would having it on a Monday 7-8:30 prevent you from being able to attend? Is bumping up to 6-7:30 enough of a help? Or is that not early enough that Thursdays would still be difficult? Thanks for responding!

@John Elias Fantastic! I'll try to get a room reserved and post tonight :) 

Okay! Great news. I have meeting rooms requested for the first two meetings! Because of availability at the libraries, they'll be on Mondays for April and May. I'll figure out how to create an event on here too. For now: 

Location: Montclair Community Library (5049 Waterway Dr, Montclair, VA 22025)

First meeting: Monday, April 15 from 6:30 - 8:30. We'll be in Group Study Room #4 (last minute availability was very hard!) Beverages are permitted in the group study room but not food.

Second meeting: Monday, May 13 from 6:30 - 8:30. We'll be in the larger Community Room. Both food and beverages are permitted in the Community Room.

As for how we use the time, I think there's benefits to both general socializing as well as a more structured discussion group. Let's plan on this first one being meet & greet, getting to know each other, what our goals are, what our expertise is in, what we're looking to get out of such meetings, etc. Maybe we can plan discussions on a topic for some months, or we can stick to people discussing what's on their plates at the moment and get everyone's input. My main goals for this group are for it to be education-oriented, welcoming to all no matter where they are in their journey, and useful for networking. Let's turn this group into what we need it to be.

May be.  Feel free to reach out to the facilitator

Woof, it looks like that is pretty religiously on the 2nd Wednesday of the month. I have commitments on Wednesdays that are pretty non-negotiable unless they get canceled (by someone who isn't me). Thanks for sharing the link! Feel free to share the two events I posted with folks from that group :)

@Barb F. , I have gone to so many it's not even funny...Capital City REIA in Alexandria (even though it seems they mainly focus in Baltimore some folks are in DC and VA), Walnut Street Finance in Fairfax, first time last night went to NOVAREIA in Annandale, they seem okay but are pushing their education program which costs $4-$20k!, there is a group at the Keller Williams on PW Parkway in Lake Ridge that meets every so often, my Realtor @Loretta Gray holds meetup at Long and Foster in Old Town Alexandria, she gives really good info on evaluating properties, etc. we also went to look at a few over the winter. I also joined several other Meetup groups in the area and go to as many as I can get to.

@Marcus House , Absolutely! Shoot me an email and we can discuss. Look forward to chatting with you!

"If you build it, they will come,"

One of the best movies ever made....Goonies.

Go for it, just promote, promote, promote!

Hi. there, I  live in Manassas area. I am also a total newbie to real estate investing, and I am interest in rental but I couldn't make it on 4/15/19. Maybe I can attend the next one.  I have just discover BP recently and thanks for host this free BP meet up.

Good morning, all!

Thank you SO much to those who attended last night's first meeting! The turnout, quality of conversation, and friendly tone in the room blew away my hopes for what this group would be on the first day. We had a wonderful mix of the more and less experienced which creates wonderful opportunities to learn from hard-earned lessons as well as stimulate new ways of thinking about ideas that perhaps we take for granted.

I'd like to summarize some of the take-homes about the group format:

  1. We're going to aim for meeting on the third Monday of the month from 6:30 - 8:30... and I noticed I already have a deviation from that for the month of May, when we'll be meeting on May 13. Apologies for any confusion.
  2. General structure of meetings:
    1. 15 minutes to mingle, catch up, network, and get settled
    2. 45 minutes for a Focused Discussion on a particular aspect of real estate investing. Sometimes this will involve someone (a member or a guest we've invited) stepping up to give a short presentation and Q&A, other times we may try a panel discussion, other times we will do a less structured flow of questions and answers similar to last night's discussion.
    3. 20 minutes in the Hot Seat: Someone will get a chance to present their current dilemma to the group and we will focus on their situation to help them as best we can.
    4. Another 20 minute Hot Seat round.
    5. A final 20 minutes to mingle, catch up, network, and say goodbyes.
    • This structure is subject to change to accommodate our needs!
  3. For Focused Discussions to be successful, we need attendees to step up and volunteer to prepare a short (maybe 15 minute) presentation on a topic with which they are experienced. Perhaps you're telling us about nightmares you found after closing, tips on what made a deal go very smoothly, or just a general info session on how you approach presentations for lenders. If you are less experienced, talk to us about what you've recently been learning, because teaching material is a great way to ensure you've learned it well yourself.
    • We'll ask that you spend a little time outside of meetings preparing your remarks. You don't need a powerpoint or handout, but if we settle on a meeting location with reliable A/V equipment it may be an option. Preparing your discussion is a form of respect and an investment in the other attendees, who are choosing to spend their evening learning from you. Let's set the tone for these to be high quality discussions.
  4. Meeting location: The Montclair Library worked wonderfully last night, but we had 12 people (hooray!) in a room zoned for 8 people (boo fire code restrictions). I will look into using the Bungalow Ale House in Woodbridge (about 20 minutes north of where we met last night) in the future, but I would honestly be appreciative if anyone else might be willing to reach out and reserve their room for us (delegation for the win). If you're willing to do that, get in touch!

Those are my main logistical takeaways from last night's kick off meeting. I wrote down interests that people wanted to learn about as well as have some of my own to add. If you are willing to prepare a 15 minute presentation on any of these, please reach out.

  • Getting back in the game when you've been out for a while
  • Overcoming analysis paralysis: How to prepare appropriately for a decision so you can just do it already
  • Financing strategies (I feel like various financing strategies could be their own discussions for entire meetings, but perhaps we could do deep dives into one or two strategies and compare / contrast, pro / con discussions too.)
  • Bank notes (@Aninze A. I'm looking at you to talk about this when you get back from your workshop in San Fran!)
  • Tutorials on how to use various cost estimate calculators (Bigger Pockets calculators, Rehab Evaluator, ROI Signal, etc)
  • Coordinated watching of a webinar together, or perhaps a YouTube video where we discuss the content afterwards (e.g. Rehabber Pro in Baltimore)
  • Insurance: Which do you need and why?
  • How to put together an offer
  • How to look up permit history of a property
  • Business ethics
  • How to check licenses of contractors and subcontractors
  • How to put together a presentation for a bank
  • How to find motivated sellers
  • Discussion of a relevant book you've read to present what you learned
  • Real case scenarios you've worked (I think this will be popular!)

Please reach out if you want to put together a presentation for our May Focused Discussion (I'll have something as a backup just in case) OR if you volunteer to be in one of next month's Hot Seats!