Need a flooring person near Olympia, WA

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Hey all! I need a great vinyl floor installer in Montesano, Washington. But I'm guessing I won't find one there, so I'd like to find someone from the Olympia or Tacoma area. 

Anyone have a trustworthy and super good vinyl floor installer they can refer? 


You can try shooting Taylor Zepp of Zepp Construction an email-

Taylor is a super nice guy, he is out of Elma. I am not sure if he does the flooring himself or his subcontractor, but we were going to hire Taylor to do some work on a foreclosure we were looking to purchase as a primary residence not too long ago and would totally recommend him to others.

Thanks @Tyrone Green! I'll give 'em a call!

I don't know anyone off hand. I'm sure my contractor has some good contacts.  I can ask if @Tyrone Green's contact doesn't work out. 

Did you get your floor installed?

If not, contact us I would love to help you.

Thank you for your time

NORTHWEST Structural Renovations

Matt Gragg

Hi Brandon! We are further north in Lynden, WA but would love to come down for the job! 


Evergreen State Interiors

Hi Brandon, 

My brother does fantastic, and VERY efficient and fast flooring work. His name is Ludomir, and his company is Wanot Flooring.

He specializes in laminate and wood flooring, but has experience in others. Best prices around.

His contact information is: 206 266 3973



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