RE Assistant vs RE Agent

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Just heard about this RE assistant way of getting access to MLS.

Did a little digging and found that this might be something I'd try to pursue?

Can any of you shed some light on this....Pros/Cons. How does one become an assistant? Is it just as easy to ask one of your RE agent connections? Are there limitations to this in WA.



The real estate assistant is just assistant to an agent. You would need to be employed as their assistant. It is not just some casual relationship to get MLS access, you are their employee doing a job.

Its not free, there are classes to take before you could get access and a broker has to agree to it and that broker is liable for everything you do.  Since there are a lot of rules of data access and data use (and distribution), that liability is not a small thing.

If the local MLS (NWMLS in our case) found out that someone had added you as their "assistant" but you were not actually working for them, that broker could lose access to the MLS. For that reason, there is risk to the broker.

If you develop a relationship with a good broker, you should be able to get whatever information you need quickly and easily.  NWMLS has some good tools for automatically notifying a broker's clients of new properties, for example.  

There's no doubt that the "member-only" side of the MLS has some great tools, but a good broker should be able to set things up so you get the information you need quickly. The key is figuring out what information you need. You may find that its available somewhere else without the controls that the MLS places on it.

It could be a great thing. Assistance can be responsible for marketing. Great things to learn here on your current business and for future business! Heres a quick marketing/sales technique one that i just picked up, sit to the left of people. Its a big comfort thing. Try it out and see what you think. Have people on the right of you and see if you get alittle uncomfortable. So yeah haha. Marketing marketing marketing. 

Yes you could get limited access to the MLS but is that really worth it? What is the access for? Zilllow, trulia and Tax Records are pretty full of info as well. Hard to do a good *** CMA not on the MLS.

I do try to get my clients to get on the mls with me and really dive into what they are looking for and setting up alot more than one search, so that we can maximize the benefit of the "NWMLS tools and update alerts, One of the top producers that i work with has a assistant that is awesome and comes into the office twice a week and really gets to work and sets up all of the next weeks marketing and confirms appts. It could be something to think about. 

If that sounds interesting to you and you could benefit from the MLS access, then maybe. Sounds like something cool.