West Virginia Closing Cost Calculator?

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@Russell Brazil We've done a few larger multi-family building in WV (more than 4 units). But they were all rental with some storage and we used the standard EPBR residential contract and so the closing costs were agreed upon as most residential closings that are handled in WV. It's customary for the Seller to pay the transfer taxes (and inspections for termite, well and septic if you are outside of the city) split the title attorney fees and the seller will pay broker fees. Each County is different with Taxes and Fire and Garbage fees etc. etc etc.

WV State Transfer Tax  ($7.70 per 1000 of Sales Price)

I think on the larger commercial deals everything is negotiable so depending on your signed LOI the attorney would break out the costs and create the closing cost breakdown. AS for just running the #'s, in the beginning, you can use the standard breakdown to see a ballpark cost until the deal is agreed upon.

Hope this is helpful!!