Replacement windows in Milwaukee

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Originally posted by @Roy N. :
Originally posted by @Tanya F.:

Any idea if any of the Milwaukee contractors you've mentioned would do a job on the east side of Madison? 

I priced Window World here in Madison and they were very expensive, more expensive than wood windows!  This surprised me. I'm just putting 4 windows in now, a pair of casements (Anderson 400 series) and a pair of double-hung (Kolbe).   

I'm interested in fiberglass replacement window options for another building. We probably can't afford to do them all at once, maybe we'd do 4 or 5 per year until they are all done. We're considering DIY- the replacement inserts look pretty easy to put in.


If you are going to invest in {an upgrade to} fibreglass frames, why would you choose inserts and not full brickmould/full frame?

Thanks, Roy. Sorry to be confusing. The casements (Anderson 400) are full frame windows.

The Kolbe doublehungs are also a full frame windows.  For both, the old windows are  rotted. They're getting installed in a week or so.  

For our other building, the options for the replacement inserts vs full frame windows and wood vs fiberglass... I think it is most likely going to cost a lot less for us to choose the inserts. We don't want to have the additional cost of changing the interior trim. We've already clad the exterior trim in aluminum, so the inserts may make the most sense.  I want to be sure that if we do use the inserts, the cavities (where the counterbalance weights now move) are air-sealed and filled with some good insulation (probably cellulose or spray foam).  

But I will get prices for several options.

an example of the trim that we don't want to change:

I know that Amerimax has great windows. They also have high thermal shields and neat glass so the windows practically clean themselves. We got ours from conservation construction of texas, but they manufacture amerimax windows all over the country. They have a warehouse near you. If you could find another company that sells these they would be amazing. 


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