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Hello BP community,

I just wanted to try and connect with some people in the central Wisconsin area (Wausau).  I'm a beginner in real estate investing and would like to find some people to collaborate with to gain some knowledge and make some relationships.  For myself, its time to get the ball rolling and become active in real estate investing.  I've been reading as much as I could from this site for the past year and I would like to connect with some like minded individuals and hopefully some who have some more experience than I do.  I look forward to hearing from you!

Hi Matt,

Welcome. I am in Waupaca about an hour south of you. I checked out your dashboard. I am also a contractor. Carpenter. 

 I don't know much about the Wausau market. I kinda stick to my area as I self manage. If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask I'll help best I can.


Hi @Daniel Hyman,

Thank you for posting. I grew up in the Sheboygan area. I really enjoyed it there. If you find that you have any projects you could use some help with please let me know.

Hi Matt,

I'm in the Wausau area (Marathon), and am just getting started as well. I certainly can't provide you the experience that pro's can, but I'd love to meet up some time.

Also, if you're not aware, CW Wisconsin does have an REIA that meets up the third Monday of the month. I just found it a few days ago, so I haven't been yet, but I plan on going to November's meeting.

Hi Matt, 

Im in Rhinelander, i am happy to share my 10 years experience flipping (closing # 18 tuesday) and rentals (have 10 now) I am also a Broker that specialized in REO since 2006 Welcome to the industry!

I am also in the area and happy to connect.  I own and flip mostly in the Baraboo market, but do have a duplex in Marshfield and travel central Wisconsin very regularly.  Been in the RE business for 15 years and do a lot of my own work.


Congratulations on making the plunge into real estate. Its the best decision I ever made for myself. I work out of the southeastern part of the state. Networking might not be easy, but let me know if you need advice or help on anything.  I will help with what I can.

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