Starting A REIA In Western Wisconsin

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We have recently moved back to Western Wisconsin after living in Boulder, CO for 6 years. There is no REIA in the area here and I know there are many investors throughout the area with 3 universities in the city & a solid local economy. I have 2 duplexes and am renovating the house my wife and I will be moving into early 2018. My family has 40 years of property management experience and I have a number of friends and contacts who have various interests and activity levels in the space.

Starting a REIA is something that I'm interested in undertaking and have heard it referenced many times in the podcast and also across the forums. I would love any insight that anyone has about how to get one started, a solid place to host, how to spread the word and also how to get a solid crew of active investors and not just people slogging for funding first deals.

Much appreciated & happy holidays.

I wish you weren’t so far away! I wish you all the luck and if you’re ever interested in southeast Wisconsin let me know!


I am also interested in getting a REIA started in La Crosse. I put a little legwork in last summer, but I got sidetracked with two of my own purchases. There is a Landlord Association in town, along with the La Crosse Neighborhood Development Corporation. I think there is enough interest in town to support our own REIA.

I have a few ideas for where to host. I'm sending you a colleague request and we can chat in a PM.

If this gets started I would like to know when and where. New to investing I have been reading and listening to the podcasts for a while now. I feel it is now time to pull the trigger. Look forward to meeting up.

We would be interested as well. 

I am interested in helping get this group up and going.  Let me know how I can help.

Hello all.  Just found this thread from a few months ago.  What did you get setup?  I would like to join in!

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