Green Bay, WI - Advice on off-loading an inherited property

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Hi BiggerPockets! My family has inherited property just north of Green Bay. We are not interested in renting out the property as out of state landlords, plus the property needs a renovation which we do not want to manage from out of state. 

We're going to attend the WiscoREIA in Green Bay's meet-up this week but we're looking for other ways to connect with off-market investor/flippers --- any suggestions for other events to attend or investors to meet in the area? 

@Lauren Hogan , hi there! I know a very active investor up in Green Bay. His name is Jason Lund and he'll be at the GB WiscoREIA meeting. Try and connect with him while you are up there. He's also very active on Facebook. So you can friend request him if you'd like. I did let him know that you'd be at the meeting and gave him your name. I know @Carrie Reyment may be able to help you as well. Good luck! :) 

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@Lauren Hogan I know on BP the advice is always to find off market deals, but as a seller you will probably do better "on market". You can sell on the MLS in As-Is condition and still attract multiple buyers. Wholesalers or flippers are going to offer you 60% of current-state value or even less. Putting it on the MLS brings competition and therefore higher price.

I would call a couple local realtors and have them give you an "as is" market analysis. Explain to them that that you want to know the "sell fast" price, not the "wait and price drop" value. 

Compare the realtors estimates with the investors offers and then figure out the best route. Even if you go with an investor, the extra information will help you be a better negotiator. 

Joe, excellent advice regarding wholesalers. She can get much higher value by cutting out wholesalers taking advantage of people who can t figure out how to get best value when selling.

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