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My name is Justin and and I live here in Mobile and I want to be become financially capable and independent from investing in local real estate. If anyone wants to meet up or discuss how it's going for you, I would love to connect so we can share knowledge and work together.  I am mostly interested in wholesaling, eventually flipping. I just want to get connected in the community before I start all on my own! Thanks!

@Justin Taylor , how goes it get getting connected? Been very quiet on the Mobile, Alabama forum for a while. Have you gone to any RE investing meet ups?
Keric Allen

@Justin Taylor

I don't know if you're still looking to get connected, but there are two investor's groups that I know of so far. I've been to a PIG meeting (first one is free, then you have to become a paying member to attend). Personally, I think that group is too advanced for me. A lot seemed to be industry professionals more so than investors.

Another group is done through IRBY. I have not attended one of their sessions yet but their round ups are free. I'm hoping it'll be a little more laid back of an atmosphere. They have one scheduled in March. You can PM me if you're interested and I can get the details to you.

Hey Justin, 

I live in West Mobile..and am new to real estate investing as well. I am looking more towards buy and hold cash flow properties. You mentioned you attended some of the Irby meetings and I am curious about what you think of them. I am out of town a lot with my W-2 job, and my time at home is valuable...so I don't want to waste my time with a guru trying to tell me how to get rich quick. What is you opinion of their meetings? 

Christian, I think the IRBY meetings are great and informative plus they are free. You can check out their Facebook page a few days in advance and they will usually have who is speaking and what topic they plan to speak on. Plus lots of people come and it's a great place to hang out and talk with like minded people and such, I recommend going it will be worth your time.