Interested in virtual meetup

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Hi Folks,

I am a out of state investor, currently in process of closing my second buy and hold rental property in Huntsville, this one is in 35803.

I see there are bunch of meet ups that are happening and I feel like we out of state investors are missing out on all the fun! :)

I am thinking of having a google hangout session for whoever is interested in just meeting up and talking about huntsville real estate market. I am from bay area California and we have similar hangout sessions in our group and it has resulted in a great information sharing and networking!

I have spoken to many of the huntsville investors/realtors individually but it would be fun to just meet everyone in one virtual room and I am sure it will be mutually beneficial for all of us.

So if you are interested then please pm me with your email id and I can set something up in the coming weeks based on the groups availability.


@Gorden Lopes Hi! I'm also in SF and currently looking at my first buy and hold in Huntsville. Where was your 1st buy and hold rental located? I am looking at a bunch in 35803 at the moment as well. Would love to get some more details on your experience there. I'm also in for a virtual hangout. I'll DM you my email.

Sorry about the first reply.But if anyone can answer,that would be great. I am currently doing business in the Bhm. area,just getting into the Huntsville market. let me know if I can help.  I would like to join your virtual hangout

I was in SOCAL but recently moved to Knoxville area. I have 2 properties in 35802 and 2 properties in 35758 Madison. I would like to to join this group. The past year I have also diversified and have bought my 4 most recent properties in Gatlinburg/ Pigeon Forge as STR.

Hey guys! New to REI but hoping to move to Knoxville later this year and score my first deal. We'll be visiting in two weeks to checkout the area and get a feel for the city, then the final decision will be made.

It sounds like a lot of awesome experience going into this virtual hangout, I'd appreciate an invitation please!