Pizza, Brews & Real Estate

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My partner and I are getting close to finishing the rehab on our first property in Huntsville and will be visiting HSV from the 21st-25th to check in on our property, meet with our team, and look for our next deal! We'd love to meet up with anyone who is interested in talking HSV real estate. We will be at Yellowhammer Brewing on Saturday, Sept 21st around 7:30pm. We'd love to meet up and connect with other local real estate investors and others in the real estate game!

PM me and we'll swap contact info. Hope to see some of you there!

Wish I was going to be in town that week! Congrats on the flip, and enjoy the pizza! Where was the flip located?

Thanks @Caleb Bryant ! Bummed we won't be able to connect, @Joseph Breamer has raved about getting to know you and all of the great insight you have. Hope we can connect somewhere down the line soon!

Our property is in SW Huntsville, on Conger Rd, south of Drake. We are BRRRRing it and are almost at the tail end of the rehab right now, everything is going well. Looking forward to seeing it all come together and getting listed to rent!

@Kiley N.

@Joseph Breamer and I had a great meetup with some local investors! A few folks had to cancel/couldn’t make it, so it was just 4 of us, but we had an awesome time chatting about Huntsville, all of the exciting developments underway, and the many different investing strategies out there! Always lots to learn from each other!

We will definitely be putting together another one when we get back out there!