Arizona Real Estate Investors Group?

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I found a MeetUp group hosted by the Arizona Real Estate Investors Group and I'm headed out to one of their workshop/property walkthroughs this weekend. I'm just looking to see if anyone has had any dealings with them before or know what I can expect. I'm looking to meet other small MFR investors in the West Phoenix area but I'd rather not be subjected to someone's "Just buy my guru books and you'll be rich" song and dance.


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So just some follow up on this. The group is pushing the Renatus Education System. If that's your thing, now you know. They had some experienced folks there to talk and explain what they did for a near-complete flip we were touring. About half the folks there were already members and gave their backstories.

Arizona Real Estate Investors Association is the ONLY legitimate group in Phoenix. Any other group is likely run my one of the literally hundreds of wannabe "guru's" in the valley. 

Good luck!

Hi Brian,

If you are talking about Matrix, I just joined the club a week ago. I heard good stuff about them.

I live in Peoria as well, so if you want, we can connect and share thoughts and ideas.

Looks like it's run by Kevin Sparks?  He used to run a cashflow game group that I went to once or twice several years ago.  He seems like a decent guy.  There will probably be good content, but I expect he will bring in a guru or 2 as well and try to make some money.

If you're not familiar with the Arizona Real Estate Investors Association (rather than "Group"), that is the big investor club in AZ.  Meets every month at the celebrity theater in Phoenix.

I am familiar with AZREIA and I will be joining later this month but, in the interest of networking, I'm trying to find other legitimate groups in my area as well. From what I've seen so far, most investors are picking up properties in and around Scottsdale or Phoenix proper (for obvious reasons). I'm looking to connect more with investors in the Glendale, Peoria, Surprise areas. 

The workshop I'm going to is free to attend so I'm really just hoping that if they pull guru pitch that it'll be minimal and I can focus on creating connections and knowledge swapping.

If it's a Matrix event, the only experienced people present will be the people selling the Matrix program to the many people there looking to actually network with experienced investors. 

@Brian Volland They're going to try to sell you their REI "Training" after the property tour and they feed you lunch! ;))

@Gregory Beaty , I haven't seen any link info stating they are part of the Matrix Program so I'm not sure on that one,

@Bevla Reeves , I'm sure they will but finding experienced folks around here has proved more challenging than I thought. So maybe I'll get lucky and I'll get at least something out of this for my time; maybe I won't.

@Brian Volland  There are over 50,000 RE investors in PHX, who are you trying to find and for what?

@Bevla Reeves, I am looking for local folks experienced in small MFR investment and management in the West of Phoenix areas to tell me if I'm being dumb or unreasonable in my goals and plan to reach them. Folks to bounce ideas off of each other and fill in each other's knowledge gaps and to help push each other to greatness. Ideally I'm looking for folks to meet up with more often than once a month casually.

A mentor would be great but a friendly focus group would be even better IMHO.

@Brian Volland I am a member of the Matrix Real Estate Investor Network (now academy). 

I joined because I needed education and mentorship, both are provided. As any group, network, etc- you get out what you put in. Just like college, the resources (mentor mindshare, edu content/ level 100 to 400 courses, investors, office space) are available for those who use them. 

Personally, I was looking for mentorship and resources to wholesale properties. Eventually, I will use the Matrix resources (investors, contractors, mentorship) to Fix & Flip properties. My mentors just put a property on the market that was brought in as a wholesale by an apprentice, then transferred to them within the Matrix forFix and Flip. Now it is on the market for sale.  

The upside is the it's local meaning they know our market. The other upside is there are individuals in the Matrix who are doing commercial, residential, fix and flips, wholesale, buy and holding.. meaning it is possible to leverage that experience for a beginner, like myself. 

Hopefully this helps give you a better understanding of the Matrix!  

For anyone tracking this thread, the group is pushing the Renatus Education System. If that's your thing, now you know. They had some experienced folks there to talk and explain what they did for a near-complete flip we were touring and did some good Q&A and allowed for one on one talks for networking. About half the folks there were already members and ended up sharing their backstories. Just to be clear, they weren't pushy or anything, just not terrifically open about being anything other than a friendly group of investors.

I have been to a remodel with AZREIA beginner's group in Moon Valley area. Not quite as west side as Peoria, but west of Central.

The rehabber walked us (almost 50 people showed up) through the property and then white boarded her whole process, including naming suppliers and vendors she worked with.

No sales, no guru; just a generous and experienced person willing to share with beginners.

Still can't determine who is hosting your Meetup, so I can't say whether you are in for a similar experience or not.

Ah, you identified who the Meetup is hosted by. I have no experience with them.

@Brian Volland I specialize in flipping houses and connect with several local colleagues, but you can make the kind of connections you want to make here through the BP forums and invite local like-minded investors to meet in person...there are lots of us! ;)

Cheers to your success!

Good afternoon,

Yes the arizona investment group stands on Renatus education Platform. We feel that this is a great platform and equal starting point for everyone. I totally get that BP is a great site for free information, but it is always better you have a mentor to work with. I have also learned that you always need to bring a level of commitment and value to everyone you meet and work with. Part of the value and commitment to a seasoned investor is seeing that you take that first step and get a good education. And you never know what what you dont know, so most investors have questions that can be answered we a good level of education. You wouldnt go to a college or a mentor and just expect to get everything for free. Well that is how I feel and this is our level of commitment to you. 

I am not pusing anyone to go pay for anything but to always get first hand perspective, please feel free to contact me for more information or to attend one of our events.

Can you share when your next meeting is or PM same?

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