Gift Cards/Incentives - cost saving strategies for buying materials

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What are some cost saving strategies people use to buy materials from Lowes/Home Depot/Menards etc.

I am planning to close on a house on the 23rd of January.  It needs 4 to 6 windows replaced.  Windows total will probably run around $600 total.

After closing, I was planning to open a new mastercard/visa account to get $100 if I spend $500 in the first 3 months  I know my bro in law has a mastercard that gives him 3% back in cash on what he spends.

Also there are some web sites that I can buy home depot gift cards 10% off.

Do any other BP members start combining these to reduce their costs?  I would think it would really be worth it if you were spending a bunch as a builder/rehabber?

What are the innovative ways you've saved money on materials?

If we get the house we are currently working on. It will need a total paint job. I was thinking about combining the 10% military discount with the gift discount, along with getting points for putting it all on my credit card.

I called home depot today and they said I could combine 10% military with gift discount.  Still working on the best point credit card.  What kind of points are you getting on your cards?

I know at one point Menards was allowing people to get 11% back on gift cards.  Then use the gift cards to buy material and get another 11% back. (in Menards store credit)

I have an american express hilton and a master card loft for clothes. So I get those points, the military discount and than the gift card :)

Check out ebay for 10% off lowes coupons that you can use at HD and other stores. (makes sure you get a physical 10% off coupon). I have used it with multiple flips and the savings can be substantial. I use Home Depot, and have a pro reward account which gives me additional discount.

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