Selecting a Virtual Assistant?

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As we all know, as we move through our lives and try to manage our business life gets in the way. I've heard many tout the benefits of using a VA to handle many of the mundane: number crunching, data review and updating of spreadsheets, etc...

So, how does one decide on a VA, what services do you use and other input you might have regarding the topic.

thank you in advance.

There are many different options when it comes to choosing a VA. You can hire one from India or other places and pay $5 - $10 per hour, depending up on the task you are having done. The other option is to use a VA that lives and works in the United States and partners with you in your busines and becomes your right hand. There are VA's that specialize in Real Estate and many other specialties. If you are interested in US VA, you start at   IVAA has a RFP process where you can put in what you need done and then VA's with those skills will reply back to you. Here is  RFP link  Message me if you need any further info or have questions.