Have Potential Innovative Business Idea But Need A Partner With Capital

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Well folks,

I am practically broke at the moment, and have a terrible credit score. However, I have a plan to turn about 10-50 acres of land into a sustainable development center for learning how to implement aquaponics and renewable energy systems (wind, wave, tide, solar and geothermal) for year round food and energy production. I am looking for states/locales that have relatively lax building codes, and that can actually provide me with incentives for my plan.

I am looking for a partner who would be willing to fund the down payment and share in the proceeds with me. I would be responsible for all operations management, maintenance and the likes. I have the capability to do the leg work, it's just a matter of when and where things will take place.

If anyone is interested in this particular venture, please call or text me @ (978) 549-0853 and we can discuss matters of developing a successful business plan


Patrick S.

I have a development in Texas that is targeted to have a sustainable focus. The bedrooms pay for the development. The sustainable aspects such as solar, rain water harvesting, and a micro farm are gravy. 

I also have resources and a business interest in aquaponic farms. This is a big topic in a very fragmented industry. I have some very specific thoughts. The colleagues of mine that provide the expertise on the topic are profitably operating a system similar that that of the UVI.

Patrick, any updates on progress of your idea?  With the population getting larger every year and the price of food skyrocketing....not only is this efficient but logically a sound business venture for the foreseeable future