Motel to Storage Units?

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Has anyone converted a motel to storage units? Was interested in converting them to studio apartments but the city is reluctant to have studios due to the type of tenant they sometimes attract (going to pursue a pitch as student housing as well...). They are receptive to the idea of storage units and it seems like a relatively quick and easy project compared to putting apartments in. There is potential for 20+ large units and the ability to breakdown into smaller units if the demand was there. There is not much competition in town. I'm in the early stages of researching this project so any feedback or experienced storage unit folks out there who are able to offer some insight would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

@Tia Rubadeau I like this idea!  I've never done anything with storage but I want to one day, I've read many great things about it.  One of the BP podcasts a gentalmen converted wear house space to storage units if I remember correctly.  I don't know the storage unit market up in NY but down here they are everywhere and people love using them!  Good luck and I look forward to hearing how this turns out.

Bradford Myatt I had a couple potential locations owned by same seller, hoping to work out at least one property but contingent upon review by zoning board.

Tia, did you ever go through with the conversion of the old motel to storage units? I am closing on a property next week that has three buildings that were old motels. I’ve been trying to decide what to do and think I would rather do storage than have this type of clientele... 

Has anyone made this work?  I found an old motel that has no real purpose and no real interest in a decent area for storage units, but looking for someone that has done this before.

Actually drove by an old motel that did this a few weeks ago.  Thought it was a great idea for up here in Maine where Motels were plentiful in the 60s-80s.

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