Podio Integration with PATLive

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Hey BP, 

Are there any Podio Pros out there that might be able to help me customize my workspace for Wholesaling? I would also like to integrate my PATLive team on to Podio. 

Someone please provide me with some guidance.

Thank you!

nice question.  I'd be interested in that as well.  

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Hello to all and thanks for all the valuable feed back form the great people who contribute to BP.

I also could use any help in learning how to set up my workspace in Podio.  

I would also be interested in knowing about this..

@Kris Haskins @Philip Pring

I can help both of you out setting up Podio for wholesaling. I am a Podio Authorized partner. Please fell free to PM me. Thanks! Tim


    I am struggling with the same issue. I checked out the link @Tim Herndon posted, but there must be a way to resolve this issue without spending $197 for a template. Did you ever figure out the issue and how to set up patlive and podio to work together @Trevon Peracca or @Kris Haskins ?

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