Earning additional income from cell sites and towers

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We are currently looking to partner with property owners throughout the US to place antennas on rooftops and also build new cell towers. 

This is a great opportunity to generate additional income, but just as important, this allows property owners to provide quality wireless coverage to tenants and visitors. Although the benefits are great, their can be a significant amount of lead time which includes negotiations, marketing, permitting and construction which can take up to 36 months or never even materialize. While our group absorbs all costs, we have found it important to find owners who see the value in a partnership and are open to be educated in how the industry works and continues to change.

It would be great to hear about experiences you've had with this type of asset. I've heard some horror stories, so anything that can be leveraged would be helpful for everyone.

Below is a sampling of the type of properties we are currently targeting:

- Office Space 

- Industrial property 

- 20+ multifamily

- Retail centers (strip centers ok)

- Medical facilities/clinics 

- Self storage

- Mobile home parks

Shoot me a message if you'd like more details or recommendations for other information to post for everyone.

Interested! I have two self storage facilities in Michigan. One has several acres of untouched land close to the interstate (I-94)

@Mark Byrge Thanks for reaching out. I'll shoot you over a message, but for everyone's benefit these are some of the initial steps we take:

  • Introduction with property owner including understanding their investment strategy and how we can fit within those goals
  • Confirm property types and locations
  • Review if any existing sites are in operation in the vicinity 
  • Discuss potential action plan

A lot more goes into it, but as you hear more about "5G", "small cell", "smart cities" and "Internet of Things" the near future holds many opportunities for owners who have positioned their properties with the correct partners to capitalize on new technology.

Interested in learning more. We have two self storage facilities each with additional acreage. Our properties are located approx 30 minutes east of Dallas.

@Justin Fivecoat I'll send you a message separately, but self-storage has always been a favorite of ours to place sites. Institutional storage companies such as Public Storage have their own Wireless Leasing Department which is staffed experienced telecom folks. These internal teams are able to leverage not only their expertise, but also relationships in attracting wireless carriers. 

Part of our goal is to provide our partners the same type expertise and in-house resources to attract the carriers without having to carry the overhead. 

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