Help with creatively financing this first deal.

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Lately, I have been trying to make my first deal, hopefully by the end of the year. I want to send this out into the forum to see what others think. 

I met someone at Jury Duty and when we started talking I let him know that I am an aspiring REI. I tell this to everyone I meet hoping that some opportunity will come of it. The more I spoke with this man the more he disclosed. Here is his situation:

His parents died and left him the house. He is 58 with no job or income, only a couple friends who give him some money to live in his basement. He is behind on his taxes and utilities and his house needs many repairs and updates. It is in a B+ to A neighborhood where other homes like his are selling for around 250-260K. His biggest problems are, even though he has full equity, he cannot pull any money out of the house, he has no money to fix the house, and no proof of income for a new place to live once he sells the house. 

My biggest problem- low amount of capital because I am just beginning.

I want to make an offer on the property but it will have to solve both our problems. Here is what I have come up with:

Option 1 80K cash and he can continue to live in the property for a year but his renters will pay me.

Option 2 130 Owner financing - interest only payments for five years with balloon and he will be able to live in the property for a year but his renters pay me. 

Option 3 same as above but principal and interest payments will begin immediately, he continues to stay in the home but pays rent for the amount the principal and interest payments are for as long as he wishes to live there. His renters rent will come to me.

Option 4 150 conventional financing but he must leave the property right away so that I can put the property into service.

Please let me know your thoughts about this and how would you write an offer on this property?

Please wish me luck! I'm getting to the first home run deal!!!

Your line of thinking should be How do I buy property and get rid of the fellow. a no job no nothing BUM.  You arent a social

Yeah that is a good point Jody Newman and one that I am carefully considering. The only upside of housing him would be that his rental payment would be the same as the amount I would owe him each month (if that makes sense, as I read it it is a little confusing). In my thinking it would be lowering the purchase price for a later date when I refinance the property and I wouldn't have to use capital right away for rehab work. Also, I was thinking he might go for that option, which is a better option for me as well. win-win..... i think. 


I’m curious how this turned out?

Have you let him know he would lose the property if his taxes keep falling behind. 

Perhaps you can buy the house from him so he can buy a new place outright in a cheaper area and he can take his renters with him. then he could keep cash flowing. 

If you are still actively looking for investment properties let me know. I am a realtor with investing background in your areas. 



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