What do you think of this concept for Seniors, Students, etc.?

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I always like seeing new concepts for housing that can be used for various populations. I love this architects designs for cottages and pocket neighborhoods, but this concept is something entirely different. I was thinking this might work on my property in Redding and can be adapted to a shared housing project for seniors (though I'd want rooms large enough for bed, bath and seating area) It's my understanding that it is considered a SFR with seperated bedrooms as far as planning. What do you think? Common area with linked ensuites. 

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@Karen Margrave

Good to see you back here.

When I was a midshipman a thousand years ago, we had accommodations similar to this, though our "micro-units house 2 or 3 cadets.  Being the military, it had that definite institutional overtone to it, but the basic premise was the same.

I recently toured a new senior's complex in which on end - for those who were still relatively self sufficient - had individual units (bedroom, sitting room / kitchenette ... effectively a bachelor apartment but without a full kitchen) clustered together in groups of 4 with their own common room / kitchen and courtyard.

On the other side of the complex were units for those who required more assisted living.  They were similarly organized, but did not have kitchenettes (and I do not think all has sitting rooms).  Each grouping had a common room (perhaps it was shared by multiple groupings ... this was a detail I missed) with a nurses/aid workers office.

Central to the two sides of the complex were common facilities such as a dining hall, gym {perhaps a pool ... another detail I missed}, theatre &  games room.

With one of the fastest growing groups in our society being single people, we are examining a related idea of a  complex / building providing a modest-sized 1-bdroom "apartment" with more semi-private and common amenities.

When I read the title to your thread, I thought it was a project proposing to mix students and seniors into a single complex ... and came in thinking, this ought to be interesting :-)

@Roy N. I wonder if you could actually mix the two populations? The area where I own this property is in Redding, CA. There are a lot of retirees there. In addition, there's a church, Bethel Church, and they have a ministry school, Bethel School of Supernatural MInistry, which is expanding to have 3000 students. Their expansion is a $96 million dollar expansion, but doesn't include any housing for their students. My property is within 1/2 mile of their new campus. I've rented rooms to BSSM students, but I'm not sure that I want to continue with that group, or switch to independent senior living, etc. 

I think seniors would pay more and be easier on property, but I'm looking at both populations. 

Do you remember the name and location of the senior complex you toured? I'd love to see what the layout on the rooms looks like. 

This is being built /designed for this use but somewhat like a boarding house. Locally my observation is that the need is more for low income young and working vs college student. In college areas there are a fair number of rooms for rent and they hook up with peers for house rentals. My working son and has had a hard time finding something because work is in more expensive areas with tons of SF and luxury apartments nothing in small studios. Not sure about mixing seniors and 20 somethings there may be conflicts over noise and common area cleanliness. Cleanliness may be the biggest issue with common kitchens. I think in unit microwaves and induction burners and with a couple of common area meals/ week might make it work.

There are a few complexes very similar to this here near Boise State University. I think young students- freshmen especially, like them because they are affordable and a good step towards independence. However, turnover is high, probably because privacy is hard to come by. We actually get a ton of inquiries for our rentals from people living there because they'd had enough after four months of their twelve month lease. I'd think it would be a better fit for seniors. 

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