Looking for a Syndication attorney in Orlando Fl

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Hey BP family,

Can anyone connect me to a syndication attorney in Orlando Florida? I am looking to start the process and I need a very good lawyer who's primary focus is syndication in order to get the ball rolling.



Is there a reason you are looking for one in Orlando?

Most attorneys that specialize in syndication (more commonly known as SEC attorneys) deal with federal laws, so they could be living anywhere.  A local attorney should help you with the purchase & sale agreement, which needs to follow local laws, but the more expensive work of putting together the PPM should be done by an attorney who understands SEC rules.

Good luck

@Greg Scott I wanted to meet with someone in person, I guess that's why I wanted specifically Orlando but if that's hard to achieve than I guess meeting someone virtually is the way....? I don't know....

@Bernadeau C. I have a list that I can share. You are doing a smart thing. A lot of these guys say they do it but it’s pretty specialized.

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