Residential Assisted Living Academy

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Hi everyone,

I am looking for feedback on the Residential Assisted Living Academy based out of Arizona.  Has anyone taken this course and if so what is your take on the business model and the course itself?



I took the course last October... got swamped in my currently real estate business... went through a 90 day "challenge" course with RAL academy.... And have my first RAL under construction here in DFW 

The value in the 3 day is def there. There are some things that are extremely useful. They preach that its not about the Real Estate yet there is alot of time spent on the real estate itself. My biggest issue with it was a partner of the RAL academy came in on Day 3 and spent 45 minutes showing pictures of a deal he did in colorado. Cool to see but could have done that at my own pace..... the property tours are informative and show the different levels of facilities... 
I personally would recommend it but it isnt the best run 3 day. 

Thanks @Matt Fields !  I ended up getting the online course and it was pretty disappointed.  Great to hear to have your first RAL under construction.  Would love to connect on a call and hear more about the process.   Please PM me if that is ok.  Thanks!

I took the 3 day this past October (2018) and feel it was a great course, but it was a "repeat" of a lot of the info available for free on youtube, etc.  That said, there are PLENTY of chances to get ALL of your questions answered and network. 

Why were you disappointed in the online course?  I haven't taken it, but would assume it was at or near their best stuff...the inability to ask the specific questions you had might have taken a part in that.  

Working on setting up my first home now...not there yet, though.

No facility at this time. I have found that I will need more networking to build the team necessary to make it a reality. Nevertheless, a facility is on the horizon and I have now started a non-profit with family to begin a secondary path.