Rent To Retire review

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I have heard a couple rumblings about investing with, including bigger pockets ads. My question is, who out there has actually used it? What do they get out of helping you invest in a turnkey? Why would this be a good fit for a starting investor? Just looking for some feedback. Always looking for new ways to invest.

Hello! I am also interested to know who has used it as well as I am currently learning about real estate investing. I assume that they make their profit from buying these properties very cheap, investing x amount of money to increase the value, then selling it for x amount to make profit. 

This website looks like a great opportunity, but currently trying to find people who have actually used it. Best of luck!

@Farris Roach III  @Casey Wheeler  I've used them for a couple years now to purchase multiple turnkey homes, and generally I'm very satisfied with their service, communication and quality of homes.  I would say they are among some of the best in the industry.  My opinion is to always take advice from people have actually worked with a specific company, and not someone who does not have first hand experience, like anything in life.  I personally have, and have had a great experience, and plan to continue working with them.  Feel free to pm me with any specific questions.

Here is a link to a post with other investors that have also worked with them: