Business and development lot for sale: how do I finance it?

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(Mods, I debated putting this into the commercial forum, but decided on here because I’m looking for innovative strategies to get into it. Please move if you feel it appropriate to do so. )

Hi BO! I’m an agent and Investor up in Bellingham, Washington. I recently had another investor approach me with an off market property, which I’ll explain below.

I think this is an amazing deal. I sent it to another investor friend who was interested, but decided to pass. I’d LOVE to do this myself, but I’m not sure how to approach it.

So, ultimately, I’m looking for one of three things from this post. 1) advice for how to get into this deal myself. 2) someone who may want it themselves. 3) someone who might want to partner with me on it.

The deal consists of the following.

A 4 acre lot with a 35 year old floral business on it. The business has over 600 repeat clients (businesses) and generates 1mil in revenue a year. Business has been used to pay the existing mortgage, on the land and the small house on the property, of approx $4,800 a month. The business has about 10 employees and a general manager in place. There is potential room to grow. The business generates an additional $75,000 a year in profit for the owner. Business can be moved to a new location as the greenhouses are able to be relocated (after the development option is green lighted, for example.)

There is also an exclusive option to buy the next door lot, 4.4 acres, for $400,000.

The zoning, SFT Medium density, is zoned for up to 6 units an acre. Possibly more, but that might be a challenge.

Homes in the area sell for 399-499. Average home price in Bellingham is in the mid 400s, and the prices go very quickly.

Owner might be willing to consider owner financing, but I currently have no money for a down payment, and even if I did I wouldn’t have 20-40% that a commercial loan might require.

So, who has innovated recommendations for how to get into this? Who is interested in it? Who would be interested in a partnership of some sort?