San Francisco Bay Area investing

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@Stephanie Chiramberro you’ll find people utilizing all 3 strategies here in the Bay. There are also some folks wholesaling for 6 figure profits. Even on the Pennisula. 

Best way to meet people who are doing this is to go to meetups. Especially the South Bay ones, those are where the heavy hitters network 

Hi Stephanie,

I can see Saj tries to push you to the South Bay rather than direct you into his turf. 😜

Kidding aside, opportunities in the Bay are abound. They’re only limited by our knowledge and thinking. I’m doing all 3 strategies right here where a lot of our fellow investors look at our market, decide it’s too hard and expensive so they take their hard earned money and squander it on out of state 💩  and learn it the hard way. 

Everything in life has a price. Something is expensive for a reason so is something cheap. Our market has priced that into real estate where supply is constrained and demand is high. If you will, our real estate market is an international market.

If you want to be successful: 1) know your market, 2) be resourceful, 3) have an abundant mindset, and 4) do what you say you’re going to do. Reputation takes a lifetime to build and an instant to lose. Protect it at all cost. We get deals where others can’t because of our reputation.

Next month, I will be celebrating my 10-year anniversary w/o having a W2. 🤭 I “work” 3 hours a day including long lunches and 3 days a week. I walk around in shorts and slippers. Real estate in the Bay has the ability to give us this life. It’s a competitive sport and reserved for the few and the proud, just like being a Marine or a Navy Seal. Do you have what it take to join the few of us? I am honor to know a few handful of these folks in the Bay including Saj.

Best of luck.