Presenting your deal to potential partners and lenders

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When comprising a complete deal analysis and plan to preview to a potential partner or hard money lender. Is there a power point layout you typically use to easily plug in deal info to make presentation of your deal easy?

@Andrew Ager us the print out from the BP calculators. I'm sure you could make a power point too, my advice would be to keep it simple. I tired to explain a self storage value add deal today to my mom and she said she needed pictures and didn't like my back of a napkin approach! Best of luck!

@Andrew Ager I would put a packet together with your property financials (from BP Calculator), comparables, and estimated rehab budget. Be sure to give this packet a cover page and place it in a laminated report cover ($1.79 at Walmart). This will look professional and let whomever you are presenting to know that you are serious. Best of luck to you. 

I personally prefer to treat my investors like they are a bank. That is, I use a full fledged business plan rather than a power point. I want it to feel less like a "dog and pony show" and more like a "boardroom". Just my preference.