Building / converting into ADU’s / granny flat / in law suite

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Originally posted by @Orlando Perez :

@Dan Heuschele

That is interesting. How does that work? Does the company install and pull permits? Are there any conditions that need to be met? What is the name of the company?

 So you pay $300 for a consultation that determines if it is possible and a rough estimate.  Pacific Manufactured Homes (No affiliation) can do all aspects.  Not sure what is necessary to get hard estimate.  

Of course there are conditions that have to be met.  They look at those as part of the $300.  

I have not used them yet so not a recommendation. Just a possible option.  

@Orlando Perez

Yes. I submitted through LA County. The architect submitted all of the paperwork on my behalf. I think he has dropped the ball. I began my permit process Nov 2018 and still nothing. I think I’m at the home stretch now. I can’t wait to start building.

@Pavan Sandhu

I've been looking for ADU options for a while in the LA county market. Most bids I've gotten was around $150k-180k for a small 600-800 1 bed ADU in my backyard.

Also prefab options such has honobo, protohomes, kithaus, or cover. They seem pretty pricey though and navigating the permits and planning to have utilities hooked up seem like a pain.

Might just have to go with shipping containers or something lol.

The house I bought actually came with a rough detached room in the backyard. I'm hoping there is some rule that "grandfathers" me in or something because it's on the fence line (I think ADU requirements are 5 feet away) and I'd love to build on that and just expand it to the maximum size allowable.

(849.5 sq ft/half size of my house)

Ideally, I'd like to actually move into the ADU and rent out the front house. "ADU hacking" my way out of an expensive So Cal mortgage!

@Shawna Hunter

Well at least when you take on your next project, you know not to use them again. We've been very disappointed with the process, but we understand that it's not likely that things are going to go as smooth. We've been happy with our Architect and we have referred them to others (Huizar Design and Engineering, Gardena, Ca). We are still looking for a contractor. Unfortunately, many of them need structural engineering plans in order to get an accurate quote, which we understand. We are so new to this, we are just soaking in the information and trying to get more educated.

I'm an architect in San Francisco and our office has worked on over 50 ADU projects - mostly in larger (multifamily) buildings, but also a few single family homes. We wrote the handbook for the SF Planning Department and are working on pre-approved ADU plans for San Mateo County right now. We're looking at expanding into Los Angeles when the new statewide ADU laws go into effect in 2020 (they legalize multifamily ADUs statewide). We've seen quite a few through construction at this point- and costs are crazy in the Bay Area.

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