Advertising rent by the bedroom for house hack

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Hello everyone, I want to house hack and rent by the bedroom. I would like to get some ideas of what others have done to get rooms filled.

I am familiar with putting ads on Facebook, Craigslist, AirBnb and even utilizing a site called Roomie, but what are some other creative ways or applications I can use to start marketing to people wanting to rent by the bedroom.

Put yourself in the shoes of a room renter. Where does your target customer hang out, what do they do... then go where they go and put up a flyer, join that network or FB group, post it there. Meet your customer where they are. Not sure if PadSplit is in your area, but that is another option also.

In terms of the listing itself, you may increase interest in the available rooms (and also protect yourself and your new roomates) by saying you youself will furnish proof of negative covid test within "X" day of the new people moving in, and same for them. Can't be too careful in these crazy times