Real Estate Data Sources

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Depending on your level or preference of analysis, data and their providers are incredibly important and difficult to obtain when it comes to real estate underwriting. Many companies only release certain clusters and types of data which can make assumptions riskier and modeling outputs more variable. 

I'm sure many people on here have spoken about this, but I just wanted to bring this discussion back as it is a part of my job that I enjoy and see benefit to others from it. Below is a list of data that I've used in my market research and real estate underwriting, along with some other sources that people might find helpful. The list is a combination of private and public data. 

Please feel free to comment and share your sources, experiences, or strategies in your data usage. 

1. American Housing Survey 

2. American Community Survey 

3. CoStar

4. Real Capital Analytics

5. Moody's Analytics 

6. Argus 

7. Rentometer

8. Zillow

9. Bureau of Labor Statistics

10. City and County websites 


12. SitesUSA

13. CBRE Group



16. Market MLS

Again if anyone has any others, please comment or reach out! 

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