Development and Gentrification in North Little Rock

9 Replies | Little Rock, Arkansas

What is your opinion of investing in homes that are close to the Rockwater Village area in North Little Rock?  It seems that the further north you go, the more sketchy the area is, but it seems like the area closest to Rockwater would be in the path of progress? 

I have one property in the Levy area and so far, so good.  Levy seems to be half sketchy and half improving.  I have also been searching in Park Hill, I just haven’t been able to land anything yet.

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I recall touring the area when we were out there and liking it.  We spent quite a bit more time in Levy, because that’s where the cash flow seemed to be.  Park Hill can cashflow as well, it just seems that you need to buy a house that needs a little work.  We are planning on getting back out there again soon and evaluating more areas.  We will probably spend quite a bit of time in NLR trying to figure it all out. 

@Damon Cluck it depends on the exact pocket and property location, just around Rockwater Village area in North Little Rock there are few good pockets. I go for run around this area and always feel safe.

There is a deal that I been working on for wile in Levy which i would buy when the seller comes to terms.

Park Hill is typically higher socio economic area.

First time on bigger pockets I’ve been listening to the podcast everyday at work for about a month I am born and raised in NLR there is a lot of money going into the riverfront area and I feel it will eventually benefit the pike avenue area I definitely don’t see it getting any worse 🤷‍♂️

The area has come a long ways since 2011 and looking at the plans it looks like things will continue.  I am cautiously optimistic that this gentrification can move as far north as 12th street.  Hopefully it will raise rental rates and property values of the well kept older homes in the area. 

I have lived in the area (walk and/or bike almost daily) and have never felt unsafe but you do notice as you head north past 16th street or so things start looking a bit more rough around the edges.