Experience Developing or Flipping in Culver City, CA?

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Cali BPers,

Wondering if anyone has had experience either building a new SFR or flipping a SFR in Culver City, CA? Since Culver is it's own city, it does not go by the same zoning laws as Los Angeles.

We have a lead that we would need to add SQFT to it in order to get our maximum ARV and wanted to know if anyone has experience, rather good or bad?



@Shawn Ward

Hey Shawn, I have a GC that has done a decent amount of work in Culver City, I can send you his info or reach out to him and ask any questions if that will help

I've had nothing but really good experiences with CC - all new construction. Since you are not adding another unit or doing New construction, you should not have any problems going thru the building plan approval or getting your finals signed off as long as you meet their guidelines. Should take you about 3 months to complete the whole process. Good luck.

@Victor Argueta Don’t they pass it on to a 3rd party reviewer? That usually requires 2
rounds of correction. initial subm, 1st corr, final/partial approval?

@Victor Argueta and @Manolo D. thanks so much! 

We would be looking to add around 1k sqft to the property. 

From your experience, from the time of first submission of plans to completion, who long would that typically take?

Thanks again!


Hey Shawn, 

My wife and I are converting a balcony into a 3rd bedroom in our home. We first submitted our plans to the city in December. They kicked it back to us twice. Both times they wanted us to add language to the plans that they would conform with the regulations. Things like glazing % on the windows and such and such insulation in the walls. They finally approved it in early April.

I imagine a better contractor could have been prepared better. Ours (Green Remodeling) was not expecting the city to go through it with such a fine tooth comb. They used the opportunity to try and squeeze more money out of us so I ended up making the corrections myself. Once I got to talking to the folks at City Hall, they were very reasonable. 

Good luck and keep us posted! CC is insane, I was recently browsing rentals and a renovated 1bdrm with amenities was around $2,500 in one of the large developments. I need to get out of CA asap! haha.

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