Note Buying in Los Angeles

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interested in note buying. Looking to get started. How is this in doing LA? Anyone successful in doing it out here?

Hi @Renee Harris I’m in L.A as well , are you looking to buy notes on properties in Los Angeles or just in general ?

There is a BiggerPockets forum on notes and tax liens too if you haven’t checked it out :

Hi Joseph, 

Yes, I'd like to buy notes in LA, but open to the possibility of going out of state.  I've been reading that note forum. It's great. Made this thread to talk about notes In LA specifically. 

@Renee Harris

I just came across this site , site says they’ve been around since 1975 . They offer trust deeds on properties in CA , some of the properties are in the L.A /SoCal area . Their site has listings of different offerings . ( link below )

Their office is in Irvine

Have you heard of them?