Good way to find partners in Los Angeles?

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@David Martin Jr I'd suggest you look up a few people on here and visit a few meetups and get a feel for the people first. See who you admire...see who has a temperament and professionalism and business model that you think you would be a fit with...and before partnering, get to know them a bit...see how you guys can 'date before you marry'. 

People are not always what they seem, so ask around about their reputations before you do a JV also.

Good luck man!


Great tips from @Shawn Ward . I found my business partner through a long-term friendship. Choosing a partner that aligns with your goals and strategy is very important. I suggest checking if anyone you already know is on BP. If not, meetups and BP are other great ways to meet potential partners.

I am looking for a partner in flipping, I have not done a single deal yet. It’s been a probable case of analysis paralysis but I’m looking to partner someone who we can grow together 

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@Jeffrey Almonte whats up man when is the next meet up?

Hey Kevin! I'll send you a PM. I'm planning to attend a multifamily meetup tonight. I don't have any affiliation to the meetup and will be checking it out for the first time.

How was the Meetup last night? I went to a multi-family investment Meetup last week in Cerritos hosted by the FIBI group. Great information (he showed us pre/post rehab pics, analysis spreadsheets, rehab estimate breakdowns). Mostly in Memphis TN. Met some great potential partners, whom I'm grabbing coffee with today to talk shop.

Btw I'd KILL to get my hands on those breakdowns/spreadsheets, but unfortunately nobody has responded to my comments on