What's the average tenancy length in nice Mid-City 3/2 duplexes?

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My wife and I are considering house-hacking in style by buying one of those big, 1920's duplexes west of Hancock Park and renting the other half. We're looking at side-by-side or up/down duplexes that are 1500-2000 square feet per side with 3 bedrooms and 2-3 bathrooms per side.

Does anybody on here own a duplex that fits this description? If so, how long does your average tenant stay? Because the buildings are nice and have 3/2 or 3/3 layouts, I'm guessing tenants stay longer than in 2/1s. What has been you experience?

Thanks so much!

Hey what's up, I'm a broker, specialize in the area, also own there. Are you talking Mid City, or Mid Wilshire/Miracle Mile? 

As you probably know, mid city has come a long way and continues to improve. The older 20's duplexes in Wilshire Vista, Picfair Village, etc, often see long term tenants - more young professionals and families are moving into the area. I say you can expect minimum 3 years tenancy on average

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