Looking for home inspection recommendation a triplex in San Diego

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I am looking for recommendation for home inspection for a triplex in San Diego. I want to find an experienced home inspector that can look at everything for an aged property. Could you give me some suggestions? Thanks.

Not the cheapest but very good: Jason Havel (Nation Wide Inspections).  On one purchase he saved us enough to warrant hiring him for all of our inspections forever.  He also recommends bringing in specialists if he sees something that may be a concern but is outside his area of expertise.

I do not know your level of experience but often when you read a home inspection report they make the property sound like the place is a piece of s**t but most of the items a decent handyman can take care of in a couple of days for a few hundred dollars.  Use most items on the report as a to-do list.  Concentrate on big items like foundation, roof, flooring, hardscape, Windows, etc.  Do not sweat broken outlet/switch covers, attic vents that are blocked, outlets that should be GFI (especially if they have a ground present), etc.

Good luck

@Dan Heuschele

Thank you for the recommendation. I have called him and got a sample report. I would agree that he did point out a lot of stuff that should be irrelevant to investor. It's a good thing actually as I want to find an inspector to write down EVERYTHING he see. I will hire him to try it out.