Need reliable pricing on ADU Granny In Law Unit garage conversion

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Hello guys,

I am in search of a Contractor who can provide reasonable and reliable pricing on a project like this. 

My folks have converted a garage to a second unit and I am looking to make sure it is up to code. Potentially, we may need to tear the whole thing down and start over. In which case, I would need to get bids on total tear down plus stick build, utility hookup, etc. Of course, I don't want to move forward with the project until I know roughly what the cost is going to be (within 10 or 20% or so). 

Has anyone here done a similar build out? (completely new or garage conversion?) Can you recommend a builder or give some idea of the costs involved?

Also, City of San Jose wants covered parking, but do you think they will be OK with a carport? it would be a killer to add a full two car attached garage. 

Thanks a million!


you sure on the covered parking? last I read, it was one driveway spot if there's no public transit within 0.5 miles (and pickup every 15 mins at commute times). 

And depending on how the garage was converted, you might not need to tear down. I cant see a garage conversion being massively out of code unless they've done structural changes (load-bearing walls, which would be exterior anyways).  The city is being flexible in helping unpermitted ADUs to become up to code.  SJ is one of the better cities to work with in terms of flexibility and working with the residents.