Looking to Work with a Season SF Bay Area RE Investor

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I'm looking to work with/learn from an experienced, seasoned local real estate investor in the SF Bay Area. I currently work full-time in commercial real estate as an Assistant Real Estate Manager, managing class A office buildings in the East Bay. I'd love to work with a seasoned investor during my off hours (evenings and weekends). 

I'm interested in buy and hold rental properties, SFR and multi-family, and hope to get some practice finding and analyzing potential deals. I'm also happy to help with any administrative tasks, going out to look for deals, managing properties, etc. I live in Contra Costa County, so the East Bay is my preference, but open to helping out remotely and going to other parts of the Bay on the weekends.

Some background on myself - I have my BS in Business Admin, concentration in financial economics, I have a CA real estate agent license, and I've worked in commercial real estate for about 3.5 years, managing R&D and office buildings. I grew up "househacking" with my family in their 4plex and have always been interested in having my own investment properties. 

Even if it does not turn into an ongoing relationship, I'd love to meet over coffee and just pick an investor's brain a bit. 


I think you should also reach out to people one on one. You can do that by going to the network tab and reach out to people who are local to you who are investing.

You can pitch to them how you can help and that you're willing to work for free. You'll learn so much.

@Myrna Santos

I agree with @Antoine Martel on this one. I don't know how active you are in the forums but the more you are the more you start to recognize who the seasoned players are. Plus you can get a feel for the sort of people you may want to reach out to by reading all of their posts. Then reach out to them one on one and offer to help in some way or buy them lunch. 

You are on the right track, best of luck to you!!

Welcome to the site and thank you for the i introduction . Happy to network and assist.

Hi Myrna, welcome to BP

I would be interested to learn more about your intentions and ideas. Maybe you like to connect and we can talk about your plans and maybe they align with mine and we can work together

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