What is the term for the person who marks off gas/sewer/water?

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My friend is building an ADU in Los Angeles (Ventura County - the Westlake/Moorpark area specifically) and their contractor told them prior to starting they would have to get the ground inspected where the foundation is supposed to be. The "inspector" would mark off the gas/sewer/water/etc lines with stakes.

1) Is that person called a deputy engineering inspector or a deputy inspector (contractor wasn't sure)?  Basically they need to be able to google for companies that provide this.

2) My other friend told me one of the local utility companies might have a list of "inspectors" (or whatever they are called). My question is - any utility company? Or should I call the electric company specifically?

The locate companies only mark  Natural gas (yellow) Electric ( red ) and communication (orange) . If you need water lines and or sewer lines you will need to find a private locate company for those . The 811 locators generally dont locate customer owned utilities

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The private companies are called Utility Locators, Line Locators

Correct and Dig Alert is who you should be calling for your area to mark the underground utilities. If you don’t and hit a gas line, the gas company will be billing your for the damages. 

At least in Colorado, the contractor is responsible for calling 811 with the primary responsibility going to the excavator. Typically I will call in the locates AND the excavator will call in locates. Again, in colorado, 811 will not locate water and sewer, but the utility will do it for free. So generally 3 or 4 separate phone calls/online tickets for utility locates.