Education, Pshychology and Goal Setting

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Earlier this year, I flew over to Utah and met up with @Andy M.  who I had originally met at the BP conference WAAAY back when. We hung out for a few days, did some skiing and talked shop. On my last day there, he asked me to sit down and have a candid conversation about my experiences investing in real estate leading up to that day. I think you will get a lot out of this, especially if you are just starting out and struggling with the 'how to' of building your business. Andy asks a lot of thought provoking questions, many of which I had never been asked before and I did my best to give him content filled, relevant answers.

There's no other promotion or anything for sale. It's just a 2 hour conversation sitting in my hotel room with his brother filming. We cover a lot of ground. My apologies to him for constantly talking over him. I was extremely tired by this point of the trip and was nursing my exhausting with some seriously strong hotel lobby coffee.

After this trip, Andy and I did about $100K in wholesale fees over the next few months working together before deciding to shut it down recently. It was a great experience working with him and I got a lot out of the partnership so I would say he is definitely someone you might consider following or connecting with on the site.


Account Closed is amazing! He is one of the most unique wholesalers that you will ever meet, and I consider him a good friend. I really enjoyed doing the "interview", I put interview in quotations because it didn't really feel like an interview, it was just a conversation. I was super interested in his story.

Anyone who wants to be a better real estate investor should definitely check out what Aaron had to say in the interview.

(Aaron: Next time you are in Utah we are going to ping pong it up!!)

I'm more of a foosball guy, as you know, but I'll definitely give ping pong a try.

Lol. You really are a foosball guy. I never would have guessed that you would have had that hidden talent. Seriously, I thought I was good at foosball, till you worked me over Goat Hill Tavern style. Ridiculous. 

Good stuff guys.

@Andy M.  , I would definitely agree that Account Closed is an amazing guy. Love his podcast, have listened to it several times. Aaron has been kind and patient enough to answer any questions that I have had. ( I try to do the same for anyone who asks for my help, you know, pay it forward ) Haven't listened to the video yet, but I'm SURE it's interesting. Thanks for sharing Aaron.

Andy, just noticed your forum signature, love it!

@Michael Lemieux  Yeah, I'm not sure who was the first to say that quote (Zig Ziglar?) but it is definitely true in every aspect of life. You should definitely check out the video. I start watching it sometimes and get drawn in again. Aaron is just so interesting to listen to, he has such an interesting perspective and style.

I agree Andy, & I will definitely watch it.

This post inspired me to write my first blog post in months, Quotes.

This interview is good stuff

@Aaron Mazzrillo  Dude that's so true, DoubleTree cookies are the best. They ruined cookies for me.

Great, now that is all I can think about and there isn't a Double Tree within miles of my office. Did you know if you go in and ask the front desk, they'll give you one even if you're not a guest?

Account Closed 

 I would think any wholesaler who is used to getting smoking deals could easily walk into a double tree and talk the front desk out of a cookie... I mean your talking to owners who give up more than a cookies worth of equity !!

@Jay Hinrichs , sometime a fee cookie is more exciting than a house. Houses require delayed gratification. I can eat the cookie right then and get immediate satisfaction. LOL

@Aaron Mazzrillo you think you have it bad? The theatre I used to work at had an underground tunnel to the DoubleTree next door. Every time there was a big show guys from DoubleTree would come and man the concessions/bar, and they would bring a freshly baked batch of DoubleTree cookies with them to sell as well, but I was allowed to have free ones. This hotel eventually rated too low to carry the DoubleTree name, which didn't make a a bit of difference to me until I learned that they also lost something far more precious: the right to carry DoubleTree cookies. I was devastated. Since then things went downhill. Eventually, the theatre people decided to redo the bar and hire their own people to man it. Didn't see hotel staff coming over as often anymore, which meant less free food tray pickings for me for their catered events.

I didn't know they gave out their cookies so freely to non-guests. I believe that hotel has since re-gained its DoubleTree status... he he he...

@Jay Hinrichs  You underestimate the value of the DoubleTree cookie. You see, this cookie is priceless. DoubleTree refuses to let go of these cookies and rules production rights with an iron fist! Indeed I cannot see DoubleTree succeeding as a hotel without these cookies. It doesn't matter how good or bad their hotels are. The cookie has already raised expectations too much.

Supposedly the secret to these cookies has been revealed: pulverized oats, and supposedly there is a good copycat recipe out there. However, there's a big difference between having an approximate or even exact recipe, and the actual implementation of said recipe. The devil is in the details. Who knows what other ingredients or procedures are being hidden from the public. Perhaps Area-51 has these answers.

It would appear that the cookies are now available to order @

However I am skeptical as to whether they taste like the fresh baked ones. Many a night my friend and I have scoured the local grocery stores in search of good cookies to fuel our computer gaming shenanigans, and many a night have I been disappointed. Would we be disappointed if ordering these? I suspect these packaged ones won't live up to the DoubleTree standard. However, perhaps in the future I will see about ordering up a fresh batch of cookies at a nearby DoubleTree to-go. I wonder who I'd have to bribe over there to get a dozen or two, or would they just out a whole box of them freely?

This is a very important topic and deserves more attention at BiggerPockets.

I had a friend who did monthly meetings at a Double Tree. They sent her a can of cookies every month. She gave me the can (one time). I enjoyed them every bit as much as the free ones I get from conciege.


But successfully intrigued...

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