Have you used Airbnb?

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We are going to Louisville KY this weekend. Hotels in the city are not cheap.... We are contemplating using airbnb as we can be right in the city for 1/3rd what a cheap hotel would cost. 

I never tried arbnb but I have used flipkey multiple times with great success.  Renting someones personal property usually offers a better value for your money.

I love AirBNB. When you travel somewhere with a family you get a whole apartment for the price of a hotel room. Great deals. I also love Flipkey, HomeAway, VRBO. and yes, I know the irony is thick ;-)

Hi Ryan,

I have both travelled using Airbnb and have been hosting Airbnb in my own home for over 2 years!  It's been great on both ends. Great extra income and tax deductions for the host and great quality rooms or entire apartments/houses at a lower price than most, if not all, hotels.  We haven't had a bad experience yet!  Too bad our schedule is blocked off for the weekend or I would have invited you to book with me!  Definitely recommend Airbnb!  If you have any questions about city neighborhoods in Louisville or any other Airbnb  questions, feel free to contact me.  



Wow @Mya Neubauer  Thank you very much. My wife is interviewing at 3 different grad schools. If she gets into to Louisville we will definitely travel back prior to moving and I would love to take you up on that. 

Hi @Mya Neubauer  - that's great to know that you've had such a good experience with Airbnb in Louisville! 

I've been curious on what the numbers would like to convert a standard apartment rental into an Airbnb listing (including additional taxes, cleaning, furnishing, etc. etc. etc.) I know it's a different situation hosting folks in your home, but would still love to discuss your experiences more with you at some point. 

Airbnb has been fantastic in my experience. My wife and I used it on two occasions: in Miami Beach and in Croatia. While I don't remember the numbers, Airbnb was much less expensive than going the hotel route.

I have not hosted Airbnb yet because I prefer a more hands-off approach (long-term tenants).

We've used AirBnb twice in CA and had great experiences. Lots of options in some areas.

I gota say that picking up a BK condo on Miami Beach for VRBO purpose sounds intriguing. Any ideas or opinions ?

I always use airbnb everywhere I go. Hotels are over priced basically everywhere you go

Originally posted by @Bruno Demir :

I gota say that picking up a BK condo on Miami Beach for VRBO purpose sounds intriguing. Any ideas or opinions ?

A long time ago I had one of my VA's price this all out, Miami was up there with 10-15% ROI, but it comes down to location and yields. You might talk to a few of the people who have multiple listings. I can send you the file if you're interested, it's 2 years old though.

Personally in my experience, I have had more success and quality of tenants when sourced from Homeaway / VRBO as opposed to AirBnB. But these platforms are great if your unit / building is zoned for short-term rentals. In high season here on South Beach, I get way more requests than I can handle for all my units that I manage. It's great as international buyers bring top dollar and owners get a great return on their investment. 

I have been hosting in Airbnb around a year and increased the number of my apartments 4. I also book an Airbnb apartment whenever I travel. It is definitely cheaper than the hotel rooms and you can even rent entire apartment in a lower cost than a hotel and hosts are generally eager to help and good local guides. 

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AirBnB is great. It's a life saver when you have to stay in an expensive area, but don't want to pay $200+ per night at a hotel. I had to stay in a nice area of Santa Monica in October for a work conference and paid $80/night for a shared room instead of $250+/night in the same area. 

Also been using AirBnB's while I'm in Thailand. It's worldwide. The service truly makes the world a better place. 

I've thought about using AirBnB to make money on a property as well. I think there is potential for that. If you had your property rented out for a good portion of the month, you could make quite a bit more than renting it out on a per month basis, depending on your market.

I have had great luck in New Orleans and Portland Maine as well as Miami/Dade county Florida.

Most of the time, when I considered it, I couldn't find a place, because I have a dog - so, I just ended up at motel 6, when I travel. 

I did use it for a month, when I moved to L.A. and didn't have a place to live, yet. I rented a big RV that the guy had parked in his driveway. It was really awesome. Had everything and was much cheaper than even monthly rent anywhere in the area. 

I'm about to renovate a duplex just for airbnb. It's inside an artist community that I created and these are the last 2 units. We're 5 min. from Downtown Atlanta, 10 minutes from the airport. I will accept dogs, because I've seen how difficult it is for dog owners. And that means that I will not have carpet. 

One of the units will be like an artist gallery. All of my artists are invited to add their art and have it for sale. Guests are living next to those artists and can mingle and discuss etc. The other side will be an Asian zen cottage. 

They're 1-bedroom each, so the most I could get in rent would be maybe $ 700-750/month. But with the location and a fully fenced, gated community and the special experience, I will start at $ 50/night to get the reviews, which are super important. And will increase in price as it goes.

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