How many hours of sleep do you get?

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Just out of curiosity, how many hours of sleep do you get a night? How many do you think you need?

I love my sleep, but after reading the Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod, my entire philosophy on sleep has changed, and I now need 7 hours (vs 8 Hours) of sleep to be fully functional (Not groggy). I noticed I tend to sleep in more when the motivation to wake up is less than the urge to snuggle and snooze. So that's why after implementing the Miracle Morning Routine, I seem to feel less of a need to sleep in. 

I think we can all agree that no matter how much sleep we get, its not enough.

Do naps count?

I usually sleep 4-6 hours a day. I work the graveyard shift and have been on this shift for many years. It really screws up my sleep during the week and on the weekends. It's even worse when we have a house we're working on or trying to rent. My stress level goes up and my sleep amount goes down.

I wish I could only sleep 4hrs per day. I don't sleep well so 6-8hrs is what I need most nights. I'm trying to get down to 6hrs per night though

I try to get 6. According to my Fitbit I'm actually only getting 5-5.5 hours of actual sleep...I need to try and increase that.

8 hours...if I’m not swamped with work.

@Naftali Tolibas

I try to get 5-6 hours on weekdays and 7-8 on weekends.

Part of my issue has been that I work 11-12 hours a day, I work out at the gym every day, and I am trying to maintain a healthy relationship with my fiancé. I made the decision to sacrifice sleep, at least on weekdays, in order to accomplish my personal goals.

6 M-S. 8 on sunday.

6.5 each weekday. 8.5 each weekend or off day.

I don't know man that whole miracle morning thing seemed way too fluffy to me...  Just like Bigger Pockets does half the time. (Not that I haven't learned a ton from Bigger Pockets.)

Real estate is a finance and leverage game and finance people don't sleep enough haha..

I absolutely discount the fluffy cartoon-like messages you get through so many channels these days. This stuff should be boring but lucrative. Half of the "real estate" books out there are written at a 4th grade reading level. 

Some of the biggest players running their own portfolios are ex-investment bankers and to them everything is about finance, accounting and debt placement strategies. (You know, ROI, cap rates, value creation, NOI and capital raising.)

You don't need sleep to do any of that exceedingly well. How do I know? Because investment bankers work 100 weeks which means you can sleep when you're dead haha 

My daily schedule is bed at 9:00, 2-3 hours of reading and writing and up at 5:00. My schedule is so consistent that I haven't set my alarm clock in 15 years. 

I find I go in cycles that last several weeks or months. Typical will be 7-8 hrs/night, but once or twice a year I can go on a binge where I'm getting 6-7. It usually happens along with a spurt of personal growth, such as staying up late reading some good books or working on some new project. But, I always go back to more sleep eventually.

I get 6 hours, +/- an hour, seven days a week. I've been trying to get more because my wife and parents keep telling me it isn't healthy, but I can't sleep for more than that unless I'm sick or something. I probably cross the 8 hour mark maybe one or two times a year.

I get between 6-8 hours.  I work in the evenings most days.

Ultimately it comes down to what you need & can function on. Just like eggs, fats, sex and wine...experts have loads of differing advise.

I function on 4-5hrs a nite - not cause I love to work...that's all I seem to need & can usually out perform the Road Runner. Like Mother Nature - your system will balance things out.

Good luck

Six hours in tax season, 7.5 hours the rest of the year.

I get about 8.5 hours. I don't need that much, I just take it because I remember all the 6 hr nights when I was in the corporate world. ;-)

I don't watch any TV and kids are grown. My wife and I spend 20 to 30 hours a week together. If I wanted long hours and hard work, I'd be a farmer.

I average 5-6 hrs of sleep. I wish I could get more but my brain is always thinking of what I have to do that day and I can't get back to sleep. 

Med School reset it at exactly 5 hours for me in 1992.

It has stayed that way ever since.

Normally sleep 6-7 hours during the week and 10-9 hours on the weekend depending on if I have an emergency from a tenant. 

I get any where from 5 to 6 hours

We just had our second baby, so we sleep when we can and it is not enough! 

Pre-babies, I competed in long-distance triathlon and I needed 8 hours minimum to recover from brutal training sessions and to be fresh for the next one the following day. 

Depends which kid wakes me up at night.

Roughly 6 hrs, but definitely no more than that. Everybody is different and functions at their own pace though. I do know I wake up @ 5 every morning, so it’s on me if I don’t hit the bed in good time the night before.

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