Why do you use BiggerPockets?

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Hey guys I noticed I haven't been as active here on Bigger Pockets because of my real estate work. I've really started to change my mindset of how I spend my time and where it is best spent. A gentleman who is very accomplished in my local market was a guest speaker at a real estate event I went to and he said that people that are really making things happen don't have time for social netoworking sites and to brag about their accomplishements and what not on FB, BP etc. I guess this line stuck with me and I haven't really seen the benefit of getting on here anymore and am wondering why you guys/gals use Bigger Pockets?  I'm not trying to make this site sound useless by any means but I'm just wondering yall's perspective and why you get on here every day? What is your opinion on that speakers statement about successful people and social media?

I’m barely an investor (under contract on a 6-unit) but for me I can pop on this site while cooking dinner or waiting for my kids to get ready and gather a bit of RE knowledge, lay ground work for networking, etc.

There is something to be said for that FB or Instagram mentality where you are working for likes & notoriety. I don’t see a lot of vanity posts beyond some healthy gloating with their awesome deal analysis.

I've asked myself the same question. I've only asked 2 questions in my 5k posts (neither of which were answered:(  and don't share successes much.  We're not all just taking or gloating. If your speaker is too 'successful' to have time to give back or to contribute to something bigger than themself, perhaps we have a differing view of what success even is.

Everyone's motivation is different, but for me it's a platform to give back to and fight for the little guy. Not having an angle or anything to sell, not being a pro, etc I think allows me to speak meaningfully about what charges are fair, what advice is sound, maybe some ideas to try out instead.  Somebody has to counter all the 'get as much debt as possible always' views on here LOL. But that's just me.

I enjoy writing and talking lightly about certain aspects of RE. Not too deep, like coaching or holding hands deep in the weeds.  BP gives me the chance to write and discuss RE topics that interest me, so def not all altruistic.

BP is like a 90/10 Pareto principal.  In any given forum, 90% of the yacking is done by 10% of the members. Maybe 85/15.  Curious why others like me contribute as well, especially @Jerry W. , @Joe Splitrock  , @JD Martin and @Jay Hinrichs

There's certainly enough time in the day to check some threads with keywords and perhaps help somebody solve a problem... and get a few laughs.

Comparing this site to Fakebook is odd.

@Michael Guzik , it is and will be interesting to see everyone's different perspectives on this topic. I definitely have to agree with you that spending time on my REI has limited my time on BP. However, now that I have completed my project, I find that I have become more active on BP yet again, and I have to say I have missed it!

For me it is about accountability. I don't live in a place that has 20+, 10+, or even 1 BP meet up or REIA group so I have to do the next best thing and engage people on here that are willing to share, educate, motivate and interact with me all the while learning from folks that are doing what I ultimately want to do (becoming successful REI'ers).

Although I am a newbie compared to most here on BP but I think what makes BP such an AWESOME and fulfilling tool to use is that if you apply what you learn and are willing to share your personal experiences back on here you give back to those that helped you as well as you also provide motivation and content for people that are just starting out as we all did once in our careers here! So the more that I can help with motivating or giving back, I will try to do every time cause if it wasn't for all of you I wouldn't be where I am today with my REI career thus far. So to all of BP Nation thanks for all that you do and keep keeping on at what you do best! Thanks for allowing me to share Michael and here is to wishing you nothing but success in your 2018 REI ventures!

I have trouble sleeping so I open my ipad and read quora or bigger pockets for entertainment. RE is something I do and thus am interested in and I often respond because either I want to help or I enjoy putting my 2 cents in. There are some pretty knowledgeable people on the site. I complemented one I admire once but I think he thought I was being sarcastic.

I'm new here, but not necessarily new to RE investing.  I lurked and read periodically for a long time both before and after I entered the game and gained a lot of knowledge and insight just from being a silent observer, much of which was really helpful.  It's nice to know you have a place where you can pose a question, whether it be about business setup, the local RE market conditions, or even what materials to use in your latest project, and get good objective and experienced answers.

Figured it was time I join up to engage, ask questions, as well as pass along any knowledge I have acquired as well on topics I have experience with. 

I don't to social media/networking and don't come here for it either, but do find lots of information useful and hope I can pass on some of the same to others when applicable.   About as simple as that, I suppose. 

I use BP to network and learn. I'm a new real estate broker as well as new to investing. I don't have much time to look through the threads, but I love getting emails for the forums that I follow. I usually see a question that I was thinking of asking. I really love that I have the opportunity to actually meet up with some people that are users too. From what I've learned there are many real estate agents that don't know anything about REI.

I like BP because it gives me a chance to hang out with other positive people that have done what I want to do, or am doing, especially since it's difficult for me to talk "shop" with anyone in my circles other than my wife. Virtually none of our friends or family have or understand RE as an investment, so their eyes glaze over when we talk about rehabs, return on investment, and other things like that. On the flip side, I get the opportunity to toss out information that I'm familiar with so that maybe someone else can benefit from it - knowledge not shared and acted upon is generally wasted. I don't have any angle or anything to sell, so I feel like I can be objective for the most part on questions and things that might come up in the forum. I've come to respect a bunch of great people on here besides, people I would stop by and have a drink with if I was in town @Steve Vaughan @Joe Splitrock   @Jay Hinrichs @Joshua D. @Brie Schmidt @Jerry W. @Ryan Murdock @Linda D. @Julie Marquez @Nicole A. @Russell Brazil @Mindy Jensen and probably a ton of others that I've missed - always with good attitudes, spot-on advice, enthusiasm that's contagious. 

No one is out there popping deals all the time. RE tends to be 90 miles an hour and then wait in traffic, rinse and repeat. Sometimes I'm busier than a one-legged man in an ***-kicking contest, and other times I'm looking for things to do. It's just kind of the nature of the endeavor. Sometimes I'm not here for a few days or a week, and those are times when I might be swamped, and then other times nothing is happening for a week and I hang out here. 

Lastly - anyone that considers themselves too busy to help other people isn't really much of a person in my opinion. Everything here is fleeting and at the end of the day the relationships you make are worth a lot more than the money you make. 

@Michael Guzik - great question! As a brand new investor, I use the time I spend on this website to offer my two cents (for whatever it is worth) to those that I can offer it too, and to 'be' with others who are doing what I want to do. Before finding BP, I found it hard to keep my motivation up day in day out. I guess this is a bit like having a free coach holding you as accountable as you allow it to.

Also, listening to the podcasts as I do my housework teaches me information and inspires me to keep at it. I think pretending to be too busy to be on here before I could even be called 'too busy' wouldn't make sense for me to do.

@Dennis W. - good point: this website has more goals than just getting anther 'like'- there is real sharing of information and knowledge just for the generosity of it... 

I highly recommend this website to all RE investors, both newbie and more experience!

@Michael Guzik - I use BiggerPockets because of @Brandon Turner ‘s plaid shirts. 😂

In all seriousness it is just the easiest and most effective way for me to learn and learn solid advice, network...consume and hopefully give back. Currently it is 1:15 am and we just put our daughter down for the 3rd time tonight (cutting teeth). I guess I could call a few of my mentors right now and ask what are my next steps on the current deals should be, but I’m confident I’ll know their answer. 

Podcast have been extremely helpful too. Not only do they make the day job commute seem shorter but it allows me the opportunity to learn while driving. 

I utilize BiggerPockets for the valuable info contained within but the reason why I use it, is because I'm able to fill "empty" time gaps with burst of educational and meaningful REI info.

I tend to drift in and out of BP depending on what else I have going on at any given time but at the very least I try and check in once per day.  Sometimes it's just a quick pit stop and sometimes I may camp out for a couple hours.

I've found deals, found partners, and found a bunch of great advice on BP so I feel like I'd be doing myself a disservice if I wasn't always plugged in at some capacity. 

And as @JD Martin mentioned, it's one of the few places I can go and babble about RE without everyone's eyes glazing over. The fact that some of my babbling may actually be of value to others who are looking for answers is even better. 

I like BP because it allows me to rub shoulders with people much more successful than myself. In the real world a guy like myself with a day job and one duplex isn’t running in the same circles as a person with hundreds or thousands of units. Before the internet investors had to get all of their education from books and gurus, and we all know a lot of that is snake oil. It allows me to sit at the table with the “big boys” and pick their brains. When I ask a question I get responses from people with actual experience. To me that is an education better than money could buy.

@Michael Guzik ,

I actually agree with him on the social media as far as FB/Instagram, why you would brag about your accomplishments there to just get pats not he back, without any benefit doesn't make any sense to me.  I do post the before/after pics on FB (so I can store the pics!) , but I don't ever benefit, because lets be real-- your regular friends who don't do real estate don't really care or understand it.  How much of a jerk do you think I feel like talking about my 11th house, to my friend who lives in an apartment, and is looking for her 1st?    Your regular friends won't have any input about tenant issues, or suggestions with rehabs, or about screening, or if they do-- it's probably just emotionally based on not helpful. .... so when all your spare time is devoted to real estate, who can you talk to that's just as obsessed and addicted?... BP!

BP is a wealth of resources, and BP has helped me when I'm in binds... so I like to pay it forward! I like contributing, and I like the fact that often times people have different views, so it allows me to see both sides of the argument.  

Are the post about the 22 y/o with 100  units kind of annoying,... sometimes I question how much they actually own of it--  , but  on the flip side also you gotta understand-- that 22 y/o is working their butt off, and prob feels like a jerk anytime he /she tells their friends about their success!  

I say cheers to success, and that it's best to share the success with others who are doing the same thing, and know how hard it is, how stressful it is and how many sacrifices you are making! 

BP continues to be a juggernaut and a great virtual community in which RE investors and RE-wannabe investors congregate. Now, there is power in this congregation of minds!

As for me, it is a simply an opportunity to ADD VALUE

  1. SOLVE PROBLEMS: By trying to answer questions and giving counsel (and in the process learning myself)
  2. MAKE PEOPLE FEEL GOOD: Sometimes, people come here because their circle in the offline world doesn't get them or understand them, so they try to come here to find solace. As a result, I try to say something nice and motivate another person who I might never meet in person 

I, too, know a few successful developers here in my market who don't even know BP. But you don't know what you don't know including the successful guest speakers and gurus. 

Oh as a side note, though I did not intend to, I have successfully raised capital through Instagram, and I can tell you it is not a waste of time if you know what you are doing! 

Hope this helps a little. Goodluck, Michael. Thanks! - Ola 

In the 4.5 years I have been a part of BP I can tell you it is a part of my daily routine.  

Part of it, like JD, is that my social circle is not involved in REI so BP allows me to talk with people about what I want to talk about. I am not big on FB or other social media and I usually don't post REI stuff on there. Now I have more friends locally who do REI because I met them on BP.

Today I am going to look at a property for myself which will probably require a second story addition and full gut rehab.  That is way above my head and experience level and something I would have never considered before.  But because of BP I know I have a handful of friends who have that level of experience and will come walk the property with me for free and give me their opinion on what it is going to take to rehab it.  I looked at a similar project a few weeks ago and through a few texts messages and phone calls was able to learn that the property was too expensive for the work needed and I would have lost money.  

I have done deals and gotten clients through my BP network.  All 4 of my business partners I have met on BP.   One of them I didn't even meet in person till we owned over $500k of property together! 

Part of it is constant learning, by being involved in the forums, I learn something new every week by reading from other people's experiences.  No book has taught me more than what I learned on BP.  This helps me with my own portfolio and as an agent who works with investors.

Part of it is giving back, and helping others get started. I know my life is better that I got involved in REI and people helped me as a newbie, and now I get to give it back and help others.

Part of it is just fun!  I get to meet cool interesting people from all over.  I have had drinks and fun with @Lynn Currie @Engelo Rumora @Brian Burke @Chris Clothier @Brandon Turner @Ben Leybovich @Jay Hinrichs  @J. Martin  (who is coming to stay at my house this spring) and countless others

When I first came on this site Josh literally had a static one page website with 2 bank REO links in the middle of it and some other text. Maybe there was one additional page but that is all I remember. There were not forums or anything else.

I happen to run across the site a few more years later and there was a small forum and a few other things. Josh was doing everything himself those days. I had to recreate a profile as some had been purged from the system who had not been active in awhile.

That was the first time I talked to Josh on the phone. He was inquiring if I wanted to be a moderator. We talked  for awhile about various things and I felt his company was going great places. More than anything I could feel his honesty,sincerity, and authenticity over the phone and that matched up with my values. I was on the site almost daily and learning a ton as back then there were a lot of older and seasoned investors that had been doing it some 30 to 40 years.  

Over the years I was posting and learning on just about any topic. Since the beginning I like to go on every day to every other day and make some posts and read some posts. These days I mainly just answer questions related to commercial real estate as that is what I focus on day in and day out. Posting in other sections and answering you can get many calls and e-mails on asset classes you are no longer focused on even though you might be knowledgeable.  So my post count is way down which is why some other posters have passed my totals. It is fine with me as I am about quality per post these days and answering on topics I am more passionate about. As you can imagine there are tons of newbie investors who might have 10k to 20k to get started on this site but a limited numbers of investors with millions to multi millions or more to invest. I like posting something and 24/7 someone can likely read it. One post can be read by many thousands which you would not have the time for to help individually.

BP might take 30 minutes of my time today versus an investor networking event you would spend all day driving there and coming back. For me this site is a break in between deals to relax some and have fun.  

There are some heavy hitters on the site but they tend to just read in the background and come on for a brief period of time to find someone the help them. I have had some individual clients on here with 9 figures in wealth and some family offices with ten figures in wealth. They are not very active on here and initially are here to accomplish a goal and then go off site.

For instance they do a Google search on commercial real estate. A BP forum topic pops up page one position 2. They click on the BP forum post and takes them to BP. They start reading different posters answers and look through the site a little. They click on my profile and then can see all my posts over the years and contact me. Typically they want to buy a commercial retail property or a very large apartment building and it goes from there.  

Luckily what I do does not have to be a volume business. On one sale I can make into the six figures per transaction. 

I think BP is now approaching close to 1,000,000 members. I have mentioned to Josh before to have a big party in Denver to culminate reaching 1,000,000 members. That would be fun.

I’m new here and essentially a newbie to REI. I love this site, without BP and everybody’s input I wouldn’t have the courage or confidence to jump in. I’m very impressed with responses I see to people’s questions, and I appreciate all the knowledge I can find with a keyword search. I don’t think of this site as social media, but I guess it is, but not in the traditional sense where everyone brags about their life or what’s for dinner. :)

My circle of friends are into fishing and are not an ideal group to have REI conversations with; so I don't. BP provides me an outlet/inlet where I can pick up new angles and feelings about deals and what is happening. When we talk about closing a great deal there is no feeling of bragging, envy etc-it is an event-it is what we do!

Here I can feel comfortable surrounded by like minded folk, who are moving at their own pace and want to be successful and make money.

It is also very enlightening and comforting to me anyway, to see so many different cultures and ethnicities represented here on this platform, and we are all here with pretty common goals, learn, network, interact and if we are lucky we also get to help someone out.

Stuff can get crazy out there, I hate reading the news and listening to bi-partisan discussions about today's issues or non issues made into issues.

Here it is peaceful, we all want to better our lives, interact and have successful investments! 

I was reluctant at first.... but as I have come to embrace this site..

when I first popped on there was this poster named Joe Gore and he really gave me a hard time  LOL 

Frankly you get what you put in and the people you meet are pretty interesting to Very interesting.. although as with all internet dating.. Just because they are BP members does not give the person a pass .. still need to do your due diligence if your going to do business with anyone you meet here  ( myself included :)  )

However on Balance this site has just been Incredible for me personally.

And that's one business man or women's opinion that anyone who spends time on Social media like this is not doing deals.  I can assure you I spend more time than my wife would prefer me to and probably a lot of people on this site would prefer me to.. I actually got an e mail from one guy in LA accusing me of having no life because of my heavy use.

However on being a heavy user and doing deals and I can assure those reading this that we do our fair share of deals 

@Michael Guzik

I am not sure how i really found the site... but I am glad I did! I consistently come to this site for the education and network 

BP is an amazing resource to learn about anything, and everything connected to real estate. Even as an experienced investor, there are endless topics that you can research here, and interact with people who are experts in their own given field.

My area of expertise is somewhat unique, and I am happy anyone ever has a question related to cost segregation, I have an opportunity to chime in and help out.

For me, having invested in fix-and-flips, BP was a great resource. And now wanting to get involved in Multi-family syndication, this forum, is a no brainer to learn from people like @Brian Burke @Jeff Greenberg @Bruce Petersen @Todd Dexheimer and others, who are generous with their knowledge.

There are also people daily looking for referrals for this or that, and I am happy to refer quality vendors, and skilled professionals that I have used, and trust (especially when there are those out there that are less than quality/trustworthy)

Great thread @Michael Guzik ! Perfect opportunity for us to be grateful for BP and all that it offers. 

Thanks @Joshua Dorkin et al

A backlink

ohh and try to shock people with my borderline crazy antics here.

I wouldn't put BP in the same category as FB and Instagram etc. I detest the fishing for ego massaging and likes. 

When I discovered BP, it began to change my life. My mindset, my outlook on my future. It has been immensely powerful. It is a densely populated network of fantastic, successful, hardworking, creative and inspirational people. 

My FB however...average people sharing memes, recipes and selfies. Or was...I since 'snoozed' that population and added Grant Cardone, Property rehab groups and other inspirational folks. 

I love this site and community!! 

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