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I was wondering if anybody would interested in joining a Bigger Pockets meetup group here in the Central Valley -  Specifically Fresno - I am surprised to see that there are very so few Bigger Pockets meetup groups around the country and would really like to start one locally up so we can get some like minded thinkers under the same roof at the same time.  

I am also trying to determine the best days and times to hold the meetings - many meetings I have seen held at night don't have as much participation cause members prefer to stay home with family in the evening -  except maybe on a Friday night - so looking for ideas of what time frame works best - typically , I prefer to have a lunch meeting so everyone is already  out and about , and it doesn't interfere with family time and typically have larger turn outs.  

If anyone in the area is interested, please let me know - I have been to a few investor groups in the past , but they only happen once a month and in the evening - I am looking to start up something during the day and have weekly get togethers where we can talk about whats new on the market , talk to local hard money lenders and builders, and just create an environment where investors can share ideas and resources. Raise your hand if you think you would be interested in showing up to a meeting like this. 

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*UPDATE* - the proposed group has been formed as: - please join us if you would like to meet other Bigger Pockets members in person

I'd be interested in attending. I'm a teacher however, so a lunch meeting would only be possible for me if it were on the weekend. I live in visalia, but would be willing to drive to Fresno. 

Wow!! I can't believe all the great responses I am getting already. I am definitely going to start one up here in Fresno. I have always wanted to get a group like this together and it appears that I am not the only one.   Thanks to everyone who is offering to assist with getting it kicked off - I will be calling on you to help me pick a good place and line up some discussions so we can hit the ground running.  

1. Add to the list of possible meeting places if you have not already. Very cool place to meet that gets people's networking and idea juices flowing. 

2. Another option is maybe coordinating something with Fresno State's Gazarian Real Estate Center. I have a contact there that might be able to assist us in booking a room. 

Hi All,

I'd be interested in joining, but only if there are action items and deals flowing. Trust and shared resources are a must. I've been to other meetups in Fresno and each one is different. Some are active, some are struggling. I'm in this for the long haul, so let's start making offers and get the ball rollin'. I'd be interested in doing lunch as well if available.


Jay Orlauski - Ill call and find out. Is there anyway you guys would be open to Evening or weekend meeting? Some of us work outside of Fresno and would not be able to make a lunch meeting unless it was on a SAT. 

I would consider a Saturday meeting if enough people showed interest - my goal is to try to find a time that would accommodate the most people I can so that we have good attendance.

ALSO - I've been thinking about some ideas for the group and something that I think would be awesome is to bring a new deal in each week to analyse - these would be real deals - really on the market and available for investing in. We could discuss all the pros and cons and run some numbers and talk about different ideas concerning how to finance it or develop it - If anyone in the group decides to get it or wants to partner up with someone else on it,  they will have an opportunity to do so. If not- we simply learn from it or even find a way to wholesale it - either way - the point is to get our synergistic energies flowing .. get creative ideas... and start thinking in new ways about investing that we may not have thought of or been exposed to.  I am looking forward to getting this kicked off.. and I will be in touch with some of you next week about getting together to discuss some ideas.    

Jay, I agree with Anmmar some of us work out of the area.  Generally Monday or Friday or evenings work better for me as well. Your topic ideas seem to be starting out well. 

I don't want to hijack this thread but I just closed on a SFR on 1/2 acre in Kingsburg that will not have a renter until Dec 1. I'm open for hosting a totally informal BBQ at the house, BYOB and BYO chair too. I'll cook the meat, price of entry is bringing a side dish. Only date I can do is Sat, Nov 7th though. We could meet and discuss this more long term meet up that Jay is proposing.

Jason - that sounds like a lot of fun - unfortunately I can't make that date as I am going to be out of state on that weekend for a family reunion with some members I haven't seen in over a decade. I'm sure anyone else who could make it would enjoy it. 

@Anmmar - I'd like to talk to you tomorrow if you have an opportunity - just a quick chat on the phone if you don't  mind - I was hoping to pick your mind  concerning ag appraisals on an unrelated subject. 

@Frank Patino - ok, I will keep that in mind as it seems that weekends are appealing to people

Kou and Rich - thanks for chiming in! Your feedback is motivating and it's good to see that there are other investors interested in getting together. 

Yes hope I can help. I just got started a few months ago but I'll find out if I don't know. My cell is 559.829.7184. I'm out in the field tomorrow so Sat or Sunday would be best.

Hi everyone!! OK ... So I went ahead and made the Meetup Page - Its called Fresno  Bigger Pockets Meetup and here is the link:

I put up a poll so you can let me know what days works best for you - please join the group  and take the poll so I can get a meeting on the calendar as soon as possible. The page does not show up publicly till they approve it, but you can still join the group and become a member and take polls, post up suggestions, and make recommendations for a meeting places. Hope to see you all and many more there.  

Sorry I tried to reply from my phone Friday but it did not go though. I PMd you.

Bit Wise - I contacted them twice with no response from the lady who books the room I will try again today. 

Fresno State - Costs money so that is a no no.