Fresno Bullet Train Happening Still? And where / when?

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Hello everyone,

I’ve been trying to find more information about the bullet train under construction in Fresno. From my understanding, it broke ground early 2015 and is supposedly finishing around 2025? I have exhaust my search engines in trying to find a more definitive answer. Anyone know the status of the progress? And what parts of Fresno will have the potential stops?

Hey Johnny, I don't think there is much more info than you have found.  I see construction happening on it daily, in fact, in the near future, the city is closing a bridge that connects downtown and china town so HSR construction can continue.  The main stop will be in China town, on the south end of downtown.

From the locals here, there are a lot of questions as to if it will amount to anything.  My opinion is, if someone wanted to buy near the stop of the train, purchase the property at a price that allows it to cash flow well now.  So that if the train never amounts to much, the investor still does well over time.  Then, if the train does add value, go in a renovate for those tenants.  Those are just my thoughts though.  Feel free to give me a call anytime if you want to talk further.  I'm happy to be a Fresno resource for you. 

Thank you @Jeff Zimmerman

That's actually my plan. Been trying to eye ball Fresno for the past year and I definitely saw an increase in overall value in pretty much all neighborhoods. I have seen the prices become kind of stagnant lately but I see that in a lot of areas in the bay area / a few hours next to the bay.  I would love to connect with you Jeff. I am going to PM you to get your contact info. 

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