Looking to network with other investors in the area

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Hello BP Community

i am new to real estate and looking to network with other investors, mainly house flippers and wholesalers but all types are welcome. Being in the Sacramento area, i thought this might be a good post to connect with people.

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I'm always interested to network, I am still pretty new to investment real estate but hopefully soon I will be an owner-occupant on a multi-family property and also be renting out my single family home. I'm planning to keep going from there, I have a background in software development so I feel I am strong in analysis and so far I am enjoying the experience of researching investment properties, etc.

I think it would be great to get together a Bigger Pockets northern CA meet up. Lets set this up boys! 

I would be willing to arrange things with someone else's help if people are interested PM me or post here :) 

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