New homes going up like leggos

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I was driving down Reigo Rd a few weeks ago and say all the new construction going on. That with the new builds in Elverta, Antelope, Roseville, Natomas will we still have the crazy amount of housing shortage in sacramento that we do currently? As with anything my RE mentor tells me; LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION. Seems like these areas are prime to absorb growth from downtown and roseville/rocklin. I still can't believe i'm seeing rio linda properties going for 400k+. 

What are the locals thoughts on these new subdivisions? Anyone buying up these new buildings for rentals?

Yeah, they are excellent location, and new houses are much better with less headache on the repair.

Near Baseline and Walarga road they are also building a brand new shopping center and 500+ new homes, I think that the location is absolutely prime. I am guessing that the property will sell for a minimum $420k for a 1400sqf home. I have a feeling that they are going to build a lot more Townhomes instead of houses. I think that they might be a good rental because right now you can get $1800 for a 1500sqf property*, but right now rentals in West Roseville are absolutely prime since nearly every home with tenants are being sold off while the market is hot.

*but with all the new supply I think people might choose to buy instead of rent depending on how much the new property sell for, although I am sure you will find renters regardless of the supply 

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